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When I started to go see a chiropractor he had me get x-rays done. From there I could see 2 places where my back was out of alignment. It wasn't terrible but after he realigned my back it felt a lot better. I had gone 2 days a week for a month, 1 day a week, the monthly. Now I go about once every 6 months.   The reason I was given for the initial burst of visits is that the muscles around my spine needed time to grow correctly again. That for how bad out of alignment I...
Yes i realize now that a messed my picture up. The first two pictures have the face closed to the path. And the 3rd is perpendicular to the path. I attempted to have the first with a closed face, the second square and the third open. Pictures 4, 5, 6 are how i intended. But i did the same with 7, 8, 9. I wanted one picture for the oitside inpath with an open, square, closed. So the ball starts in the direction of the face and not the path?
I was wondering if there was a way to contact our coach with questions with out having to submit a video. I've been thinking of getting fit for clubs and spending money on a set that will last me a few years. Currently I'm working on Key #2 getting my weight forward. Should I wait to get fitted until I'm on key 4 or 5, maybe when I'm a little more consistent.   I'm currently don't have a short game and I'm not sure how to approach sending in a video of me...
I'm getting a little confused with the whole club path and club face angle. I made this image would you be able to relate from the first post which shot shape goes with each image.   Red lines are club path and blue lines are club face angle.   I forgot to number them lets go  1    2   3  4    5   6  7    8   9     I assume, using your letters from the image on the first page, 3 = H a push, 5 = E straight, 7 = B a pull  
Thanks, I will. Do you mind taking one more quick look at my last Caddy View video and see how my grip is there? Would appreciate it.
Updating this thread as I'm using it some what as a journal for my swing progression. I started an account at Evolvr and can't wait to get a response from those guys. I'll post videos here from time to time so I have a repository of my swing progression.   I've been working on making that grip stronger. Seeing it beside the other picture, I can see what you are talking about and I think I'm better now then what I was.    
I would use the membership on the weekdays and the use the weekend to play other clubs. In Septemember I'm getting a 7 day pass with a cart to a local course and will be doing just that.
No but I don't see why people keep saying "The PGA/Professional Golf/Golf had dumped Donald Trump." It was an agreement between two party's not to host the tournament there. The PGA said that they don't agree with his views but would still work with him. (I'm looking for that article now)
I thought the PGA said that they and Trump sat down in a meeting, and they BOTH agreed that it would not be financially beneficial for all party's to move forward with they way things are.   NOT the PGA is DUMPING trump.
I voted Jordan because I enjoy watching him play golf more then Rory. Jordan has made me want to play more and better golf then I have in the past.
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