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Thanks guys.
I knew it would be difficult to get the information, just was wondering if it was done and published. I wasn't sure if data was collected from regional Am events and then published. It would have a field of low handicap golfers all playing the same course to develop and average for at least that course. Then maybe using a math equation with the course rating and slope to adjust the numbers for other courses.   Thanks for the information, the book you mentioned is it out?...
I picked this book up, and have gone through all but 2 ending chapters. I've enjoyed reading about the Strokes Gained method of keeping track of your score. I did have a question and maybe a member here could point me in the right direction.   In the book it had a table with Average number of putts from a distance in feet for a tour pro, scratch golfer, and a 90-golfer. Example: Average number of putts Distance(Feet) Tour Pro Scratch...
Hello my name is Cody, I'm an old friend of the sand trap. I visit my friend 2-3 times every time I play a round of golf. I'm new to this site and looking forward to reading a lot of reviews and strategies on here. Right now I'm probably right around a 15 handicap. Towards then end of the summer I will getting a golf membership to a local club here in central pa. I'll get to play a lot more then to bring that down!
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