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Great club Just got back from the range...set on +.75  ...300yds plus on the fly...that'll do me...
Yep, got the wrench and chart...no doubt I'll have a fiddle with the settings...God, I feel like a kid with a new toy...
That was supposed to be -.75
Hi David Thanks for the welcome and for responding. I guess what I meant was..the guy I bought it from has it set at -.7.5..I'll go with that for starters and secondly, I usually tee it up opposite my left big toe with about a 15 degrees foot splay.. Hopefully I wont have to go searching for a new ball position...that really bugs me...shaft is a  proforce V2 S
Hi guys Just bought myself a Titleist 910D3 driver... Haven't got to the range yet...was wondering if any members use this club and if it has any "quirks"
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