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This sends up red flags to me. I'd be worried about his mental health. This is not normal behavior. This appeared to have been done in anger. If he can't control his emotions, what might happen the next time he gets rejected (or looses his job)? I hope this was an isolated incident from the young man and serves as a wake-up call.
When I first started, i found a series of videos by Pete Styles. He's not on youtube, but it is a good, solid basic swing that he breaks down into the classical positions (address, takeaway, backswing, transition, etc). I've found that going to see a good teacher beats watching a thousand great videos. Unfortunately when you are a beginner, it is difficult to tell good from bad or even mediocre.
Welcome to the site! I`m in Wilmington, NC. You?
Most stat tracking programs let you track penalty strokes. Of course the penalty is addd to the total strokes for that hole. But you would not incorporate the penalty to your putting statistics. For example, say you`re on in two, two putt, but have a penalty. Your score is 5, but your putting stat for the hole is 2.
Yes, nothing different. I use a heat gun to loosen the OEM tape, then a scraper tool. A paper towel soaked in acetone or kerosene helps remove residual bits of tape.
Yes, it really is that easy. You don`t need an alignment jig, just your eyeballs. The solvent takes a long time to dry, giving you plenty of time to adjust the the flat part to where it needs to be.
Off topic, but try the Wilson 50 Elite if cost-effective is important. $13 a dozen. Google them, Lots of positive reviews. And yes, I play them.On topic. My regular partner and I got paired with two lower handicappers at a charity event. We are 30s, they were 10 and 12. Holy Cow, i thought we were slow because we`re not great. These guys took their sweet time, to the tune of almost 6 hours. First time we were not the cause of slow play. Talk about a painful round.
Lets all jump to conclusions and condemn him before any of the facts have even been released. Sounds fair to me. Not.
Wow! Not much else to say. I worked in San Jose for a few months on an assigment, so I knew CA was expensive. I guess I never knew just how expensive. The local hourly shop rate here would buy many days of vehicle work! I`d have made the same choice, get it fixed. Hope it passes! [Edit: i used reman injectors in mine, that was 5 years ago. Still going strong]
nI`m just a shade tree mechanic, but $625 per injector seems excessive. I bought a pulled V6 from a junkyard for my gas-powered SUV for $1250, paid a garage $1000 to put it in. Two weeks later, one injector went bad. I replaced all three injectors on the side the bad one was on (you have to disassemble the fuel rail, three injectors per rail, so i did not want to have to do it again in a month. Preventitive maintenance) I did it myself to keep costs down. I recall all...
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