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Depends on what you're looking for. On the slightly more player's side, the bridgestone j36 and adams idea pro gold are great hybrids. They're both definitely not closed (although I did have some left issues with the j36 even though anyone else that hit mine did not). I'm in love with my idea pro gold right now. The one place the j36 was better was out of rough and sketchier lies.
In general, par 5s by far. With 2 average hits I can reach a 465 yard par 5 in 2. That isn't that many par 5s in 2 so I usually lay up to around 80-105 yards and wedge in and make my <10 footer. Short par 4s are next. Wherever I can hit driver then wedge. Which on an average drive + wedge = 350. Par 3s I don't birdie too often.
if you are actually a 19.8... I'd stay far far away from the mp-30s.. they are probabably almost as close to blades as cavity backs get. I don't know much else about the others though.
too flat will contribute to a fade or leaving it out right. the toe will hit the ground slightly first and the clubface won't square up normally compared to having the leading edge flush to the ground.
Might as well add to this. We need some actual pic posts. Bag is pretty much set but I think I'm going to switch out my hybrids.
If you're looking for 3 wedges I would go 50, 55, 60. If you're looking for 2 wedges, I would go 52, 58 or 54, 60 depending on how well you can play your smoothed 3/4 or 1/2 pitching wedge.
Have hardly thrown a club but I will tomahawk it into the ground on occasion. I have a pretty short temper but I'm getting better and better about it. I will have rounds where I have a lot of bad shots but manage to hold my composure and not expose a peep of emotion through a double bogey or a birdie. At the same time I will have rounds where I after every bad shot I let out a disgusted sigh and feel like slamming my clubhead into the ground. I'm trying to trend towards...
I have a tei3 and it's tough on lag putts on slow greens. If you putt quite agressively, it should be a good putter.
rah experience is over rated. George bush had plenty of experience but he still managed to f*ck sh!t up. America as a whole is still racist and sexist. Hillary would be having just as much - probably more- trouble with all the men who wrongly think that a woman shouldn't be in office. Many people try to disguise their racism or sexism by finding other reasons to disapprove of Hillary and Obama. I'm not saying that most people who are against Obama are actually racist...
It really depends on the situation but I'm all about gratuitous loft. Honestly I don't flub too many chips so playing high drop and stop shots is much more fun and gets just as good results if not better than bump and runs. If I have a back pin from a good distance out though I'll try to play a low spinner or maybe a bump and run.
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