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Having read all the contributions, I am still not clear. I have exactly the same problem, and always assumed it was due to the shaft not being stiff enough, my logic being that the shaft is still bent at the moment of impact and therefore starts off right. I thought that getting a stiffer shaft fitted would help (I am 6'6" tall and my swing speed is just under 100 mph). If this logic is wrong, can somebody please explain why?
I watched most of the afternoon session at Sawgrass yesterday and have a question maybe someone can help me with understanding: the fairways were littered with loose divots. I saw one drive being diverted by a loose divot as it was rolling out on the fairway, and Martin Kaymer had to play one iron shot right out of a divot. Is there a rule about (not) replacing divots during a tournament? The only relevant thread on this site I found referred to a ruling on Paul Casey...
First post on this site, but have been an avid reader for a long time and couldn't resist this thread. I am a Scot living in Germany and a pretty lousy but very enthusiastic golfer. I recently picked up a set of Titleist MB 690's on (German!) ebay and absolutely love them. Addressing the ball is pure pleasure (they don't look at all like frying pans) and when you do get a clean hit, you hardly hear a sound and the ball flies straight and true.   I guess that's the way I...
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