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Pretty bad decision in my opinion.  Foley's other students have the best swings on tour right now and I think the only thing holding Tiger back from being on par with Rose or Mahan was his injuries
I'm in
My real name is Ross Baker and one of my many nicknames is Raker (just a first/last name combo, no other significance) and 2rakez is a spoof name of the rapper 2 chainz. Very random, but I'm a pretty random person. I came up with that name really recently actually, it's only my username on one website other than TST so far 
All the videos except the last few are set to private. Also, you'll end up with videos that are much more viewable if you turn your phone sideways so the videos record in landscape rather than upright like these.   Anyway, it looks like you have a good solid athletic swing that is a good base to work from.  A few things I noticed were: 1. It seems like your takeaway is a little more to the inside than ideal, although it's difficult to tell for sure without a down the...
"Exploding through the ball" doesn't really seem relevant to this swing thought, you can still swing at whatever tempo and as hard or easy as you want to. I think the intended benefit or goal of this is to make it easier to use your body more efficiently, as it really helps keep the larger muscles in control and leading throughout the swing which, if executed correctly, allows you to swing hard or "explode" through the ball without having to rely on timing as much.  That's...
I struggle with both my swing getting too armsy and too steep sometimes (I think both are caused by overfolding the right arm), and I just tried this and I was hitting my irons more consistently than I have any time in the past few years.  When I first read this tip it seemed like it would affect distance negatively, but I was dead wrong, I was hitting it as far as I normally do with what felt like swinging at 80% speed.  Thanks for this, real gamechanger
Footjoy Contour series spikeless are hands down the most comfortable golf shoe I've worn.  I got a pair like 2 years ago and the bottoms are kind of worn down now, but I still wear them to practice and as an everyday shoe because they're more comfortable than any non-golf shoes I own.
holy necro, batman!
Shot 81 at one of my home courses today (74.4/138).  Not overly disappointed considering I'm in the beginning stages of a major swing overhaul right now, as such I hit about 4 or 5 really solid shots all day, gotta start somewhere I suppose.  It actually had the chance to be a half decent score, but I was burning the edges with the flat stick all day as well 
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