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^ pardon me while I back away and retrieve my 10' pole.
Other than the fact that it's crap beer, and you have to drink exactly 42 of them, to get drunk. I see nothing wrong here.
The kabuki/princess leia look is weird. Throw in the ice cream cone and you have the makings of an asian fellini movie.
  Solid troll and spam for the hit count. @discoglasses
So, today I stopped by a golf course to hit some putts. There is one other guy guy on the putting green. All of sudden the guy has some kind of sneezing fit. He then continues to loudly suck snot between every putt. This continues for about five minutes. Of course, being the mentally disciplined golfer that I am, I ignored snot dude. However, I decided he needed a doze of his own lack of self awareness. I decided the only appropriate action, would be to move up wind of him...
Don't get all chaffed.
Never trust a fart and never waste wood-"some old dude".
If you could have Hogan's career and legacy, would you smoke?
 Kaymer's four-ball partner
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