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Dan has came a long way I hope he succeeds he is such a nice guy. And id watch the movie.
Me too. Its soo bad when I first started it was the opposite. After months of driver woods practice now I cant hit any other than like 9 and weges. My problem is hitting down I cant get the concept and I cant get in a comfortable position. It would help if I knew how the body and muscles should feel. Shouldi swing free with limited muscle flex should they be loose should I feel like my arms are closer to my body. Lol I think to much to that's another problem.
Yeah ive been looking into it sadly in my area there arent a lot of choices. But I definitely need to because inconsistent ball striking is confidence killer.
I'm 24 just started playing in march. I mostly play boogey golf every once in a while a little better or a little worse. I would say my irons are probably were I struggle most mainly consistency. I have also noticed if I play close together say sunday then Tuesday one day ill be +14 the next I'm plus 20 something which kills my confidence. Sunday I was 4 inches feom an egale on a par 4. The next hole I had my first drive over 300 yards with downhill help. Today I...
I got into golf about six months ago well for the second time. I have a setof 96 big bertha irons. The biggest thing I notice with them is that there isn't a huge change in distance after my 7i unless I make an effort to really get it out there. I went to accademy to test a few irons out and got some interesting results for the launch moniter like my 9i going over 150 and my 4i over 200 neitherhave done at the range but maybe a hand full of times. So I don't know how...
Yeah I think anytime your focus is on beating someone more than just playing your game the results arent going to be good. Doesnt help my buddys a trash talker. When I beat him I just keep quiet and let him baskin it.
Okay my long time best friend and now roommate started playing golf this year. We have both really gotten better. Any I usually play bogey golf or slightly better depending on the day. When I play with him tho I normally miss easy putts and chips and my tee shots are a little worse as well. This weekend I finally beat him (hopefully I can keep that up lol). Anyway obviously its because I'm focusing more on beating him than playing my game. Anyway just wanted to hear...
I currently game a old set of big bertha 96s 4-sw. I've currently am a mid handicapper and want irons I can game well but not out grow anytime soon. Ive been thinking about the rocketbladez tours. Any suggestions? Thanks guys.
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