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quick question for you:  by this logic should you always default to hitting a driver on a par 4 or 5 and only go to something less if there is something in your landing area like water or a bunker?
that update article touched on something that immediately came to mind when i read the thread topic.....turf gets HOT in the summer...like sweat out every ounce of liquid you've drank in the past week and passing out from heat exhaustion hot.  Not my idea of an enjoyable round of golf. Seems like it could be a good idea for areas with cooler climates where courses have trouble maintaining the grass though.
This (and Obermann's comments) are absolute nonsense.  Derek Jeter deserves 100% of the hype that he gets.  C'mon guys, he is the all time hits leader for the yankees and i think is number 6 on the all time hits list for all of baseball.  To put that into perspective,  think of a list of the top 10 baseball players of all time and i bet at least 5 or 6 of those will be yankees players and Jeter has more hits than any of them.  He has done all of this with a squeaky clean...
seems like this whole thing was blown a little out of proportion by sports media.  They cherry picked the phrase to make it seem like Rory was taking a shot at tiger and phil when he was just answering a question about how it was the first time for a very long time since neither phil or tiger was playing in the tour championship.  He even said that he didnt necessarily think that their era was over, just that they were getting older.  
"No good drive goes unpunished'
100% agree.  the phils have not played up to their ability for the past couple of seasons and it is especially disappointing considering the level of pitching that we have been getting from both our starters and our bullpen.  The phils have made some poor decisions with the contracts that they have signed their veteran hitters to over the past few years and their unwillingness to deal their veterans to replenish the farm system that they depleted to bring in Halladay, Lee,...
definitely been a tough year to be a phils fan but I'm glad to see that they still haven't given up even though they are on the bottom of the nl east going into the last month of the season.  I cant wait to see what some of our minor leaguers can do when they expand their roster for September.
Kinda interesting seeing how the opinions on this topic seem to have gotten much more passionate since this thread started back in '06.  I voted for the pamphlet/booklet idea since it would be easy to administer and even though i'm sure a lot of people would discard them at least a few would spend the time to read it and maybe learn something new about etiquette and course upkeep which they could then pass on to someone who decided to just throw it away.  i have gotten...
I have spent quite a bit of time in my colleges training room for various injuries and can say that icing an injury makes a big difference in recovery time even just to improve muscle recovery times (that is why pitches ice their arms after they pitch and to keep the pain down).  I'm not sure where the writer of that blog got their info but swelling of an injury can actually do more harm than good to the healing process.  The general purpose of the swelling of an injury...
fair enough...maybe not the baseline however 30-60 feet outside of a baseball field's fenced in area is very common and just as easily hit.  what about a fan that gets hit by a foul ball at a little league game? do you sue the kid for hitting the foul ball and expect him or her to pay for damages, or do you expect the spectator to have thier own set of morals and take responsibility for being in an area where they could have been hit by a ball?
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