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the fact that they are rubber doesnt really mean anything...they are probably 45 lbs each plus the one on the ends which is probably 35 lbs.  they are rubber so you can drop them during certain lifts without destroying the floor and they are about twice as thick as an iron plate because rubber isnt as heavy....still a decent amount of weight either way though
Probably even higher than that...it looks closer to 385-390...sounds like a ton of weight but it is surprisingly achievable for someone that regularly does leg lifts.  Most people just forget to do anything other than chest and biceps when they are in the gym 
Got it...thanks for clarifying
@phan52 I understand that you don't like Tiger very much because of his indiscretions off the course and the fact that he seems stand-offish but why are you so against him defending himself?  The guy's life has been scrutinized over the past couple of years probably as much or more than any other athlete in the world and he felt that this article crossed the line and decided to take a stand against a reporter who has it out for him.  Also why is it OK for Jenkins to attack...
I get what you are saying here but think about it from Tiger's angle.  He has spent the past several years trying to rebuild his shattered public image and one of the major golf publications puts out a "joke' piece on him making false claims and basically painting tiger as a sociopath.  The piece really has no other purpose than to bash tiger and probably should not have been printed at all -- the whole thing is just a little classless and Jenkins and Golf Digest need to...
Still searching.  have come within an inch or two at least 3 or 4 times but still have not had one drop.
my thought exactly. i actually play in a group of slow players and each one of these options applies to one of them so well that it is almost comical.  I like to play fast.  The best round i've ever shot was when i walked 18 in about 2 hours 30 min and i actually had to slow my pace down around hole 12 because i caught up with a group and didnt want to be pushing them.  It drives me absolutely nuts when i play with these guys---which i do about every week since they are...
read something about these a couple of weeks ago.  apparently they are basically fairway wood faces on irons and the ball pops off the face in addition to the strong lofts and longer shafts
the flip side to this is that because you have a naturally longer swing arc you can put less effort into your swing and still be able to swing with power..i.e. your 75% swing is a shorter persons 100% swing allowing you to achieve effortless power/good contact and as you get better you have more potential power.  Size matters in just about every sport.  there is a reason that you don't see many professional athletes in any sport that are under 6' tall.  Golf however is one...
quick question for you:  by this logic should you always default to hitting a driver on a par 4 or 5 and only go to something less if there is something in your landing area like water or a bunker?
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