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 High five from Southeastern PA! Unfortunately people picking up other players balls must be an epidemic around here.  A few weeks ago i had someone pick up my ball that was about 2 yards off of my fairway while i was about 30 yards away waiting for my friend to play his shot.  I had to yell at him that it was mine when he started to pocket it...just crazy As a side note i've played Northhampton Valley once about 2 years ago and will never go back again.  Greens and layout...
I'll concede that it's great for the vast majority of the season but IMO its still not the perfect season--its being great for the vast majority of one season and the beginning of the next--its still not the perfect season and therefor (IMO) not a Grand Slam
i voted no.  For me the Grand slam is a player having the perfect season--not having a great end of one season and great beginning of the next season (FWIW I define the end of the "season" as the end of the Fedex Cup).  This is not to belittle what Tiger did because it was an absolutely phenomenal achievement that may not be replicated again but i still dont see it as a grand slam.
No...the answer is no   I am a huge spieth fan and have rooted for him in every tournament he has contended in since he came onto the scene but he is not the next Tiger.  In fact, there is no next Tiger.  Nobody will ever electrify the game the way tiger did.   I will even go on to say that we are now entering what will be remembered as the golden age of golf.  The group of young superstars that are so prominent today are the last group that grew up watching the...
I was a competetive swimmer my entire life until i went to college and stopped so i could focus on baseball and used to get calf cramps every darn day.  Sounds lame but Gatorade really helped me prevent the cramps---dont overdo it though or you will weigh yourself down with all of the sugar--for every one sip of gatorade i took i would take 2 sips of water
just spitballing here but maybe it has something to do with their miss with the driver.. Mark Crossfield explained something similar on his channel a couple months ago when he switched back to a slightly higher spinning driver.  He made the switch because when he missed , he missed in a spot that took too much spin off and the ball was just falling out of the air---could be something similar with the D2 players. Obviously they dont miss the center of the face very often...
what the heck just happened?  Spieth had it and gave it away, then DJ gave it right back...wow...just wow
Went with JD on this one.  Tiger hurt his knee several weeks before the open and had time to mentally prepare himself to play through the pain.  Even though Jason Day has had issues with Vertigo before this basically hit him out of nowhere in the middle of the US Open forcing him to adapt on the fly
 yup...i clearly spoke too soon...disappointing but i'm hoping he places well in the endi don't actively dislike him if that counts.  
meh...hes not doing too bad either and i think being back a few strokes could actually work to his advantage a little since the course will play a little easier earlier in the day--he definitely has a lot of catching up to do though
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