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the article says that the pattern of dimples on the golf ball are the same as the proV1x.  It also states that the golf ball companies that are being sued used the same Taiwanese manufacturer as Titleist.  More than likely means that the smaller companies asked the manufacturer for help with the molds and the manufacturer just used the Titleist mold for all of the balls. It sucks for the smaller companies like 3up (i've heard very good things about their ball) which has...
Its not just the gun that makes a lot of the "no" voters (or at least me) uncomfortable.  I've shot guns(which is a lot of fun by the way), I've got several friends that CC on a regular basis and the presence of the gun in their possession doesn't worry me in the slightest.  What worries me, as stated in the original question, is that you DO NOT KNOW the person carrying the gun so you have no idea whether that person is a firearms instructor who knows every in and out of...
What an answer from Rickie...gets called overrated and goes on a tear to win the players
best tournament of the year so far
I went with no.  Guns do not scare me, but a person that I do not know carrying a loaded gun around me would make me a bit nervous
I voted no.  I don't really get why we need to add another major.  The Players is a great tournament with a great field but i don't think it should be anything more than that--not every big tournament needs to be a major
these are awesome stats.  Good way to see how you stack up against similar players and know what to work on.
Obviously the point of the Game Golf system is to use your statistics to improve your game...So for all of you TSTers that have had a chance to log a few rounds on your system, what have you learned?     I've only got 3 rounds on my system so far but a few glaring things have stood out to me that I would very much like to improve: 1. My putting needs a lot of work.  I am 3 putting far too often, especially when I actually hit a GIR, and not getting up and down when I do...
I'm not really hearing Bradley's caddy talking in an accent. Sounds more like his comment just came out a little weird.  This whole situation was a little classless on both sides but to be honest i enjoyed watching the players getting so competitive.  Usually players seem to be in their own little world when playing but match play seems to get the tensions flying a little--even in a match where both players are already eliminated.     Also, from the cell phone video it...
Im in   http://www.gamegolf.com/player/JB89
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