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@mvmac thank you, the videos really made the light bulb go on. I just got home from the range and was feeling quite defeated. I know my frustrations are the direct result of playing with my grip way to much. Your video was very clear as to how to grip and what you are trying to accomplish with the grip. Most videos simply tell you how to grip and forget to mention what you are trying to accomplish with the grip.   So, from what I gather, I need to get that left hand a...
So, I have been browsing this forum for quite some time, but can't seem to find the answer to my question, so I have joined and now posting away.   I have short fat fingers(or at least I think I do) and am having issues with re-gripping the club at the top of my swing. I am always wearing holes in the heel pad of my gloves(no, not because I grip to high on the club). I am aware this a grip issue, but I can't seem to narrow it down to whether I need smaller grips or...
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