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That is why I do not wear socks!
I have read this thread a couple of times over the last year ... I have been told to release the cub, and I have to admit I had no clue what that meant, but I hit many terrible shots trying to rotate/release. I eventually abandon that advice. I believe I have seen Lee Trevino talk about the golf swing being easy ... "you open the door" (as he swung back) "and you close the door" as he swung it forward ... I always interpreted that as "release the club" After reading...
Congrats!! I have been on a weight loss journey too ... dropped 25 lbs and have maintained it for the last 12 months ... for some reason dropping the last 10 lbs and maintaining that just eludes me.
I do ... and with some success if I land it correctly .
Worked on aim point reads and putts today.
@nevets88 I lay my iphone flat on the ground? It has a bubble display ...
Welcome to the forum @Andy Foster
I did ... very close for me ... I use the level when I practice in my backyard or at a range, but the app when I out on the course and testing slope with my buddies ... it is quick and easy, since I play with a phone in my pocket.I use the clinometer app on my iphone.When the slope is greater than 2, I can feel it fairly close ... my problem is feeling a 1'ish
Welcome and congrats on lower your handicap this last year.
Had my league, which is 9 holes in the evening ... shot a 47 and that includes a 7 and 8 on two holes ...
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