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I promise not to slack on the details this month.
I completed it! I will admit I posted one day after midnight and throw myself on the mercy of the court ...
Oddly I lost 2 today ... I have not lost one in several rounds ... and its been a long time since I lost 2 ...
Played my first full round ... I have to admit the biggest improvement and feeling difference was distance and control of that distance ... nothing even close to my old putter ... I am talking long 20ft+ putts ... even on the practice green I was so impressed ... I am a happy camper, the putter felt and rolled well today! Because of the top center line, I felt I hit my line more consistently and more confidently.
Congrats on getting back in the saddle with a 47!
I had a good round considering ... I was sick this morning, but played anyway ... +4 on penalties for 93 ... I was happy ... http://www.gamegolf.com/player/kensisland/round/498403
Putting long distance today.
Ditto ... sounded good at the time though.
Since I am playing tomorrow I worked on full slow swings this afternoon. Making a good hip turn was the focus.
Does anyone use the variable-weight and change them based on green speed?
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