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Welcome ... I am a native Texan hanging out in Phx for awhile. Welcome to the site.
I do not recline ... Honestly don't feel it's any more comfortable
Looks like a great show! Can't wait.
How do you see the green ... I had some blue Callaway and had a hard time seeing them ...
I choke down on my driver ... I hit it soooo much better!
Put me in the old guy category ... Need to get my barnacle bones to bend a bit Plus it allows me to know how far right I am hitting that day ...
Welcome, hope you stick around and contribute to the forums.
I am with you ... Just can't get pumped up too much anymore ...
Man that is great! For me breaking 100 it was keeping penalties out ... And looks like you did that. Congrats!
You mean, I can't play in the women's golf league ... WTF?? Just to show my displeasure with that rule, I'm no longer teeing off from the red tees!
New Posts  All Forums: