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Welcome ... I am originally from Beaumont ...
I like as close to empty as I can get ... I live in Phx, Az and have even gone when it was HOT so I could have the place almost to myself ...
@Jakester23 I am liking the series. I have not seen the HBO tv series, so as I read, I am watching it on iTunes. But so far really good books.
Working my way through the Game of Thorns series ... on the second book ... damn they are looong books
@jamo I too have been playing Destiny ... a lot ... and I mean a lot ... I love this game have 3 characters at 32. Do we have any more destiny players on here?
That was waay cool!
I am there for fun ... fortunately the group I golf with, we rib each other, so a bad shot is part of our comedy routine if you will ... The good news is, I have come to understand why a shot was bad and what I did (or did not do) to cause the errant shot ... that has helped focus me on the next shot and not dwell on the bad one
That little ol'band from Texas ZZ Top ... God Bless Texas
As long as it involves my money for nothing, and chicks for free you can count me in!
Interested in the "softer feel" ... will be interested in the feedback from those that use them ...
New Posts  All Forums: