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Welcome, join into the conversation.
Welcome to TST. Suggest you start a swing thread and get some great help/advice. Congrats on the teaching job. Teachers do so much, with little reward.
I got AW ... just did not like it as much as the prior versions and I was CoD fanboy. They are saying Black Ops III will have a 4 person cooperative mode ... You can preorder now and get the beta when its available ... if the beta sucks cancel the order.
Congrats! I still view my evolr videos ...
I have already made couple runs through VoG ... I still like the CE armor though.
Ready for the Destiny House of Wolves!! Glad they will let us upgrade legendary stuff this time around. So many good guns from the VoG.
Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy your return to golf and jump into the conversations here at TST.
Welcome and join in on the discussions.
Thanks, but I have had a lot of fun with iSukGolf over the last 3-4 years ... I still do, but thanks to so many around here, I have I have made great strides at getting better.
What levels would be offered? I just finished express, but I am hungry for more. Interested ... but a haul for me.
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