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Tough call ... Would there be one, without the other? Would there have been beatlemania with nothing? I have to go with Pual if there can only be one vote.
Crap already sold most of my soul a couple of times ... can I get 20 more yards with what little soul I have left?
Simple ones Shot 12 rounds below 90 Submit at least one video to Evolvr a month (falling behind) Practice putting more ... (aimpoint perhaps)
I better not take a picture of my jeans ... wow am I getting old ... I think he looks appropriately dressed
I went with 2 wins no majors ... I hope he in the mix for some majors though ... How about a poll for how many famous white chicks he "dates" ... I think I could guess that one better ...
I have a store that sells used balls on the internet close to me ... I get a bargain on golf balls ...
Shot an 88 today .. Which is really good for me!
Until he wins 14 majors, then no .... In the last 10 years or so ... yes ... Joe Montana and Johnny U are still on my top list ... I grew up dream of being Johnny U ... plus I think Johnny U changed the game as we know it today, something Peyton will ever be able to say.
I would ... but like @David in FL I would find it interesting in seeing the ROI ...
Everyone loves a winner ...
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