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  Thanks for the nomination  @JetFan1983 , but I conceded to @Jakester23 a couple of days ago ... I agree with you that he is more than deserving!   Again thanks for the nomination as I really do appreciate it!   I will be joining Evolver when I get off this golf trip next week.
Actually been practicing this like a mad man ... I have read that section at least 3 times ... Great book
Somebody call me?? I got the t-shirt too.
This has me wondering how long my "new" golf balls where on the bottom of the pond before I bought them?
I used to collect a few things, but found they lost value to me ... Plus had to pack them when I moved ... I also discovered when you get rid of them, you have to find someone that is willing to pay the value you see in them ... As I age I just collect good memories and friends ... Much more valuable than an object to me. And a lot less hassle, and I have more room now.
Update: Went to the range to practice the above video ... wow I am impressed ... while a bit awkward at first, but I was amazed at how straight the ball went (driver that is) and the distance ...  like @tye203 my misses seem to be tops with my irons...   It also felt as if I was "turning farther than I ever have ... flex the right knee toward the ball and explode into the ball .. it felt good.  
Semi on topic here ... going on a golf trip Wednesday with a HUGE Jack fan ... talk all you want and all you get is 18 BAMN ... actually he does love to debate the topic, and knows a lot of that stats quoted here ... I usually take Tiger's side for sport, but he always ends up just saying 18 BAMN.   I print t-shirts as a hobby and can print anything I want basically ... so as a joke I drew up this shirt and we are giving it to him this trip ... it is a one off needless...
You had mentioned this issue in my swing thread ... While I tired to correct it, this really helps to see what I need to try and achieve ... I have a golf trip in 48 hrs ... Need to go to the range tonight and try this out!
I wear almost exclusively New Balance Minimus shoes ... I love them, and I golf in them ... Love them ... I have a pair of golf shoes for the rare times I play where it might wet ... Otherwise it is minimus shoes for me
Apparently dragging the bitch around is OK ...      Note: I know better than to comment ... I have zero tolerance for this type of behavior ... period 
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