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Wow sounds like a lot of people I know ... many of these critters seem to run for public office I have noticed ... Since we have so many coyote around my area, they feast on the ducks, geese, and rabbits ... so not huge issues at the courses I play.
Their website has the list ... and its a long list.
I do not mind them, speaking as a high handicapper, I am more interested in just playing golf and getting the practice in ... a par 70 certainly fits that requirement ...
I treat all the cart ladies with respect, but I do enjoy the ones that like a little banter But for anyone that golfs in the Phx area ... NO the cart girls can not turn on the sir conditioner ... for the love of god if I hear that one more time!!!
Dont care what color golf ball someone uses ... for me I have found yellow shows up better in someones backyard or pool ... All kidding aside, I use them mainly to tell my ball from everyone else in the group ... I don't golf with many that use a colored ball ...
I am close to retirement and live next to SunCity here in Az; infact, I golf every Saturday with a group that are retired and live in the community. The positives that I see so far, is it is close community many activities other than golf targeted at people in retirement. A golf cart ride away from the courses and cheap ... The negatives ... my golf buddies pay a yearly fee and come hell or highwater they are going to get their moneys worth ... so getting them to golf...
RIP ... enjoyed watching him on TV
Sort reminds me of Napster in the older days ...
I feel like I am looking through a glass onion ... Well here is another clue for you all The Walrus was Paul
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