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Just chipped outside tonight ... distance control was primary objective.
I would never expect the driving range to give me tees ... I will not go to a range that has artificial matts, just don't like them. I did rig up a tee with a kite string once to keep it from getting lost so easy
Worked outside with key 2 ... Had a good session and hit the ball good
Outside- full swings, tried focusing on a dimple... Seemed to work well if I led with my hips.
Outside with full swings working on Key 2.
@TheSoss wow that is a beauty! Congrats!
My goal is to be an 18. (As much as I keep a HC)
I had to laugh a little bit going through the thread ... it guess it did not work out well for a lot of the fellows back in '09 as they are not here any longer ... I made sure wife 3.0 came with unlimited golf ... I did not check that on the prior versions of wife ...
I did office chair drill, since today is a travel day ...
I did the office chair drill today ... just could not get outside to do anything else. Great drill by the way!
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