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Couple of my friends and I created a isukgolf association a couple of years ago, for those of us that suk ... So I use the name because ... I suk at golf The concept is meant to poke fun at ourselves and embrace we do suk at golf, but have fun on the course! And as the logo indicates we have nailed a few houses over the years.
Welcome! Hope join in the discussions. Lots of smart folks here that can help with your swing!
I have reached that age where I could care less ... in fact; shitting yourself is acceptable at my age ... and this the ultimate uncool. 
  What am I missing ... you talking about bio cell and not bio cell+ right ... because they are $160 at Golfsmith 
You are correct! ... They created softball ... In which millions play ... Softball is BIG business ... There are softball complexes all across the US. Someone had to say ... Let's change the game up a bit ... Allow different equipment, maybe shorten the base path, etc ... When slow play became an issue ... Someone must have said let's change the count ... You come to bat it is already 1/1 ... I am sure there were traditionalist that scuffed at the very concept.Note: not...
Nice!! Rather watch her than her uncle!
I watch Golf ... One must perform to remain on tour ...Not calling any player a thug ether ... But they get paid millions to entertain ... Winning is optional with most major sports ... Me personally I am Just tried of feeding that machine ...I would not get upset over my comment ... It's only what I believe ... I will watch a segment of a game occasional ... I'm realistic to know my view will not change a damn thing ... The entertainment industry is big!Plus I wish you...
I would not consider putting my grips on without the compressor ... You can find compressor attachments online ... Without a compressor I would take mine to golf smith ... So many places do it cheap ...
Nether ... I stop watching both a couple of years ... It seems to me a lot of players a whinny and spoiled ... I no longer support a system that pays millions to players (and they do not even have to win), and yet a profession such as teaching barely pays ... But I am old and grumpy like a few others on here ...
I am happy with Evolvr ... For those that see golftec as pricey, give Evolvr as look ... Plus it's the local favorite ... If ya know what I mean
New Posts  All Forums: