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Welcome @Cupcakus! Wow you certainly know the rules better than any three week player I have ever meet, and better than a lot players that have years under their belt. Play your game!
Watched my evolvr instructions, and worked on the suggested drill.
I feel I earned the June challenge
Interesting ... I do not think I have seen honesty, trust, and honor be a seller of the game.
Keep after it, you have your swing video up and will get some great advice there ...
Worked on two things, keeping my head steady while turning the hips. This is starting to pay off in huge dividends for me. Was awkward at first, but is starting to find its way onto the course and just about every swing.
Shot 45 yesterday and even managed a 272 yard drive ... http://www.gamegolf.com/player/kensisland/round/432941
To answer your question I typically don't believe tabloid stories, and second I could careless who Tiger bangs.
Nicely played Tiger!! (for the record , I do not believe it for a minute)
Worked on aim pint prior to teeing off for 9 holes.
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