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Thanks for all the comments everyone! Jakester, I'm right handed and the ball usually starts down the target line but hooks to the left pretty much right away. I think i may have developed too much of an inside swing path (perhaps because I'm too laid off at the top), which is resulting in a closed club face at impact. I'll dedicate some time on the range to see if i can work it out. If it continues to give me problems, then I'll probably just gift the driver to a golf...
I just bought a new driver (Cleveland classic xl 10.5 degree with Miyazaki B. Asha 4 stiff shaft). I had previously been using the classic sl290 with a regular shaft (Miyazaki C. Kua)--but was struggling with control (ballooning high fades or snap hooks). That being said, over the course of last season I seemed to adapt (somewhat) to the quirks of using a regular shaft, but was hoping to get more consistency with a new club. My swing speed is about 105. My performance...
Thanks for the advice! When I hit it 230 it's about 210 with 20 yards of roll (perhaps I'm de-lofting the club too much?). I'll play around with ball positioning and see if that does the trick.
I hit my 6 iron around 185-190 yards, depending on the day. For whatever reason, my 5 iron ranges from 190 yards to 230... and my resulting lack of confidence has yielded a serious loss of control. I need a club that I can reliably use for those longer par 3's. Contemplating a 5 hybrid or maybe a 7 wood. Would love any suggestions.
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