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It was clearly a ball because after it went by the guys looked up as if something went over their head.
Played today on relatively short course 6000 yards from white tees.68.6 RATING 124 SLOPE.About 45 degrees lil windy and lil bit of sleet falling for a hole.Shot 81.Had 35 putts and hit 7 greens.I guess only prob i had was couple fat shots since ground was lil wet and didnt hit my chips close enough for short par putts.No doubles and hit every fairway with driver.3 over on the par 3s.1 over on the par 5s and 5 over on the par 4s.All in all i did fairly good considering the...
Going to play tomorrow and ill keep my stats and other info and post so i can get a idea of what you guys think are my problems.
Yeah i definately need to chip or pitch better and getting within a 5 foot circle of hole to give myself realistic chance at par.No afraid i hardly ever play any tees rated 68.Most of the time the rating is atleast 70.5-72.5 with slopes ranging from 125-140.Dont get to play any easy courses  really.
Works for me too.My typical driver goes 210-220 and my pw seems to only go 100-110.
It would be more of not hitting enough greens to have under 30 but thats the prob.Even when i only hit 5 greens or so ill still usually have 33-35 putts and to me that sucks.Too many 2 putting with few 1 putts evening out the 3 putts.
I feel like it is because id like to be at 30 or under putts instead of 34-35 putts.
Well thanks but i dont know about that.When my irons are on and im not putting poor i can play with anyone.You really think thats impressive even on a 380 yard hole when i hit green from 160?For me if i can get within 170 yards of green off tee i feel like i can hit green with no problem.Its when im 190 and out where i need to hit my 5 wd or 4wd well which i generally do.
Generally i hit between 5-10 greens.nGIRS id say im on or near green atleast 15 times.NGIR  meaning within 10-15 yards from fringe.
Granted it will definately be tough but nobody on here should tell him not to go for it when most of us cant even beat him being older than him.Being an 8 at age 15 isnt bad and none of us know how much he practices or strives to be good.Im sure none of the guys on any golf tour just happened to play golf by luck.I would suggest he stay in school too and work on grades and perfect his game to atleast be able to play on the mini tours if he cant get to the WEB or PGA...
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