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Ill do it if its not quite level on the teebox to insure the ground isnt raised up to affect my clubhead when swinging thru.
Dang you must really be a golf addict or have plenty of energy to try and get in a round under 2 1/2 hrs then tee off again.I couldnt play well unless I know for sure I can get the whole 18 in.Im not the 9 hole type just because of what happened to you.You just know that when you only play nine that your gonna do well and wonder what could have been if I played 18.
Only way Tiger ever wins again is if he plays on one of the tourneys during a major and id still put it 10-1 he would do that.Hes done.His body isnt the same and until he admits he is lost and needs help he might aswell retire.
Thats true.Personally I wouldnt need them watching me putt either but im saying if its taking that long to play then they should be taught how to play faster without giving up etiquette.
Well hes a hack now and GOHE but not GOAT.
Does anyone even think this whole discussion would even exist if it was someone else other than tiger (hack) woods?
Thats some pss poor teaching even in junior tournys.Not exactly the right way to teach the way the game is played.Playing faster is no excuse for bad etiquette.
When I mean harder I mean its harder to win the 4 consecutive majors starting with the masters than it is just to win 4 consecutive starting with anyone because like has been said you get more chances.Kinda like its harder to par your first 4 holes in a row compared to parring 4 in a row during the rest of the round because you would have to start over the round.I see the grand slam as something that has to happen during the season and not won between seasons.But thats...
Exactly.Thats why its harder to win calender grand slam because of less chances.
For your age your distance does seem low.Im as short a hitter there is probably and my 7 iron generally goes 140-145.Unless your gonna play tees over 6500 yards youll be just fine by working on chipping and putting.If your hitting ball straight then your ahead of the game but with some range work and trying different things you should be able to get extra 20 yards on your clubs.
New Posts  All Forums: