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Only advice I can give is two things that I know have been taught to me.Rotate your right hand about 1 inch to the right meaning your hand will be lil more behind club or lil more under.Check alignment to make sure your stance isn't open or that your ball placement has moved back in your stance too much.
I don't wanna sound mean or change subject but you hit your 4 iron 240 and your a 20 handicap?To get your driver straight again maybe you just need to slow your swing down to where you got control and then increase power lil by lil till you start straying again.Even the pros are not straight with their power more than 60% of the time.Todays pros miss fairways left and right .
Like has already been said.Rough cannot be high or people will have trouble finding ball.A ball barely in the rough shouldn't be invisible that you cant find it rather quickly.4 1/2 hrs  is good time for 18.Thats 15 mins per hole.In my opinion it is badl tee shots that cause more slow play than anything else.Yardage markers help speed up play as well but unfortunately there are a lot more bad golfers than decent and they will play slower.Since ive become a better golfer I...
his pics that are supposedly fake have forged written on them instead of pro.Im not familiar with mizunos but is it possible he got another type of 825s?Are there just plain forged 825s and pros or is there just pros?
Ive used 5 or 6 putters this year and thought I had settled on my odyssey dual force 992 with giant pistol grip because i was more consistent with it but with giant grip my long putts are really tough to judge.This past tournament i had 39 putts and as usual after couple good rounds i have a bad putting day and it makes me want to change.I know its the puttee and not the putter.Really would like to find one that's perfect for me but it may just be that i need to get on the...
well from your 50 balls on the range that 30 were good and only 5-10 were shanks id say them 5-10 are happening quite a bit to be shooting 100.I came to the conclusion from just trying different things that the grip is veryyyyy important for making good consistent contact.Unfortunately  what worked for me might not be your issue plus ive been playing 20 years.You will find what works for you as you continue to play.You will gradually become better.Go to the range and try...
Ive always liked Sergio because he shows his emotions like a real person and he says whats on his mind.He definitely doesn't do the PC speech.Besides I cant stand tiger so he gets points with me for that.
If your dad truly loves playing golf and enjoys the tournaments you have then I don't think he would quit because you call him out.I imagine he prefers playing with you guys rather than playing alone especially since hes older person.
There is no penalty unless you knocked something out of tree like a limb or leaf.
Well it depends on how long the course is.Playing 6500 or less as I do since im not a long hitter id say id save probably 4-5 strokes with pro giving me the extra distance off tee.I  should be able to shoot 72-76 most of the time but on a 7000 yard course id shoot more my handicap around 80.
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