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Im not sure if id blame that being the reason that the 12 handicapper started doing bad because a 12 handicapper isn't exactly gonna keep parring and playing that good most of the time.If you saw that the 12 handicapper looked like he saw the guy doing that then yeah theres a chance that messed him up.Someone doing something like that to try and throw off someone playing well should have his rearend kicked and banned from playing with others.In golf theres no place for...
You missed one huge difference but of course its not visual.The guy on the left had a mental game that I seriously doubt anyone other than the few legends of golf have.Ben Hogan would destroy these guys today on mentality alone.
Well for being a horrible putter he damn sure knew how to hit a golf ball and win majors on top of being in pretty bad shape.I guess if he could putt better and wasn't almost killed then he would've had more majors than jack and would be greatest.To me just based on what he accomplished he is the best of all time but I know you have to go by records to say that.Its like Richard petty and dale Earnhardt.Petty has 200 wins and 7 titles but theres no doubt in my mind dale was...
wow.i always liked tom and would never think of him like that but everyone knows older guys his age are cranky and can be like that.Im huge phil fan and have never believed or thought of him as a fake but as someone whos honest and not afraid to speak his mind.A phony would definitely not speak his mind and cover up his lies.For tom to act as he could care less about their gift says a lot.Too bad phils to nice because he should've really ripped into him publicly after that...
good luck trying to prove someone was purposely creating spike marks.some rules are stupid and need to be changed.a spike mark is not a natural part of the course the way the course was designed to play.Cant understand how you can remove a leaf or speck of dirt out of your line but yet something unnatural like a spike mark you cant tap down.When it comes to putting it should be only fair to be able to play the green as it was made and not altered by others.I imagine this...
I watched early on sunday morning before I had to leave for tournament and usa was leading 6 of 8 matches so they were coming back but they lost their leds granted most were only like 1 or 2 up but red was on the board but its not a 9 hole match.
First of all phil wasn't pointing out Watson only,he was answering the question saying they need to go back to what they did in 08 that worked.Thats why I love phil because the man is honest and not afraid to tell you what he thinks.This is one of the reasons I have no doubt phil isn't a fake because if he was he would have gave a politically correct answer.Seems like nowadays everybody is afraid to say anything and would rather hide how they feel and what they do.
So if I have 36 putts in a round shooting an 85 and hitting 8 greens then how bad do you guys think my putting was?Ive always felt anything over 30 putts was not good.
Yeah for real.Thats like going bowling with the bumper rails up.I  truly believe that if you want to enjoy the game better and also speed up play then you have to learn how to hit your driver with control over distance.Most of the slow group ive been behind have a primary reason they are slow and its because they cant get off the tee and are having to retee.That 4some might aswell be a sixsome if 2 of em are hitting OB or  50 yards in front of em.
I never wear sunscreen and ive wore striped shorts with striped shirt before too.That was same day weeks ago I shot an even par 71.Doubt anyone was laughing about my clothes when I had 18 pars.Ive always said golfers wear funny looking clothes anyways.Were playing golf,not modeling for GQ.Look at payne stewart or fowler and his colorful outfits.Hopefully one day I wont regret not wearing sunscreen.
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