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Well my driver and irons worked really well since I figured it all out.Only had one OB tee ball but thsts cause I swung too hard hooked it.Still managed double.I four putted last hole which was mumber 8.Not sure if u remember it.Par wouldve got me 82.Honestly thought I blew it.
I cant speak for CY but them greens felt like they were rolling atleast 13 or more.Champions bermuda that looked doubled rolled.
Currently shooting 42 on front 9 stuck behind a tourny full of drunks.took 2 1/2 hrs for 9 holes.guys slow as crap.no idea of etiquette.
Luke donald got to number 1 too so that tells you how much that no. 1 in world stuff means.Its Phil anyday and twice on sunday.
Thank you.Im glad someone understands the game of golf being much bigger than one ....hasbeen.If you stop playing or watching golf just cause Tiger isnt around then thats sad.
Yeah the older country clubs with next hole tees near the past holes greens dont take aslong where as some courses you will literally take a minute or two to get to next tee box.
Thats crazy considering hes won the players and the US Open to not keep his card.
Well I had been calling it saying Tiger would shoot 72 for few days now so maybe today is the day.Maybe Davis can be one of the older guys that can put four good rounds together.Think he was in same boat.Had to win to get in playoffs.
Pulling for Love but hes out too early I think Blixt gets it do e.
I putted on greens probably running atleast 15 yesterday.Champions bermuda I believe they call it.Four putted from 20 feet and it rolled off green.Big greens too.If that is what pros play on every week then they putt lights out although I imagine they are used to it.We all generally play different types so not easy on us.
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