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Is it just me or does it look like their is hardly any spectators?
I saw it too and thought the same if he had messed up.As he was reaching down to place his mark his hand hit the ball before placing the mark down.To me thats a penalty because he caused his ball to move before his mark was down but i felt bad for him so i wouldnt penalize him.
I wouldnt bother with blackmoor,the tradition club or either of the myrtle beach national courses.They are ok but nothing special.Always wanted to play heritage and id imagine river club be pretty good too.Heard willibrook is nice.
Where i live they cut the golf off at 630 before the playoff began for the local evening news and i was pissed.I had to turn on the puter to watch it then my comp freezes up pissing me off more before the golf channel cuts to it.
His back or his ego?
After watching him grab his back every round he plays he needs to get off his high horse and swing easier because he swings wayyy too hard for anyone his age and he wont last.
Remember though your 10 would only be an 8 sat so really you shot 46.That will get it done in D.
Yeah ill be there sat.Been on the tour for 6 years now.
20 Compared to 10 back then is about the same considering the game is bigger now and more competitors.Only adding 10 more with all the talent these days isnt all that.What im saying is the top 10 back then is like the top 20 now.Just trying to say that no matter how good todays golfers are the rest of the 144 man field doesnt have that much of a chance of winning.
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