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Well I would imagine that to be a course record officially there would need to be someone to attest it on the scorecard.If the groundskeeper is really being honest then the truth lies with him whether he really has the record.Unfortunately theres really no way to know for sure what any course record is because a course record could have been shot with easier pin placements and in different conditions compared to when someone else shot a stroke or 2 more in harder...
yeah,i was playing with guy and he hit it I thought around 300 cause it looked like it but after using skycaddie marking it from tee it was only 265.It was downhill with some wind too.I don't think to the naked eye we can guess how far someone or ourselves have  hit it.With the ability of skycaddies and other devices its amazing people still don't know exactly how far they generally hit it.
Yeah its best for your own sake you don't record your handicap officially if you decide to play in tournaments flighted.By not playing exactly by the book and giving yourself a better handicap by doing so then when it comes tournament time you will get waxed.Its also like one of my beliefs in playing tees that are not short because playing from shorter tees isn't going to help you in competition.
Honestly none of the above worked for me as the shanks would still raise their ugly head.Since I changed my grip from overlap to interlock,my irons have been completely straight even thinking bad thoughts during swing.
the ball did roll back in the hazard.thats not the problem.the question was do you take word of another golfer saying it didn't cross the hazard line near the green before rolling back in.the thing was instead of being able to play from side where green was no closer to hole he had to play from other side of pond because other player said it didn't cross red line near green.
I  say go for it and see how it goes.You will learn what you need to do and learn by experience.Going the artificial route just wont be as rewarding plus who wants to chip on artificial grass.Start off small so you can maintain it better then go bigger other time.
Ok I have a similar question about something that happened in a tournament earlier this year.One of the players hit his ball to green over a pond.I wasn't paying attention but supposedly another player was and said his ball hit on other side but didn't cross hazard line and rolled back in so he had to replay from previous spot.The guy that hit it was saying I don't know how it couldn't have crossed line and was asking me so basically I had to replay from previous spot just...
I  think rory will have plenty of star power unless your one of the tiger worshippers.Rory being non American will probably keep him less popular here in the states.Yesterday I was pulling against rory just like I would tiger because I wanted to see someone else win.
I guess the question is about the virtual certainty that ball was in hazard.these are the rules that need to be looked at.,some of these rules require too much questioning about what is right.really needs to be simplified so people arnt having to look for balls slowing play.
so he still gets penalized even though playing partner was certain he saw it go in water?heres the problem.why do I get penalized because playing partner claims he saw it go in water?if partner declares that he saw it go in water and you cant find it till after you hit your drop then I don't feel you should be penalized.
New Posts  All Forums: