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Wow LIHU,you seem to have a flat swing plane or maybe its just the view from back and below.
I tell you what.Ill take the guy who hits it 220 and is more accurate and you take the guy hitting it 240 and not as accurate and my guy will win pretty much every time.Now if the longer guy is hitting it 270-280 then yeah but only 20 yards difference will not help him unless hes accurate.
Yeah as I was watching I could tell he wasn't even aiming at the hole and knew it would miss left unless it had some major break which I couldn't see.I imagine it was staged  or the guy is just awful and a jerkoff too haa.
I looked it up and there is a class next sat about 50 miles away but doesn't tell how much it cost.Im imagining it might be lil costly since it says 2 hour class.
Lets just say id be surprised if Aimpoint class could make me see something invisible to my own eyes but like I said I don't know anything about what Aimpoint  teaches.
  Do yourself a favor and check out the Golfweek AM tour.You will get better and enjoy yourself and really learn the game and get more out of it.I play in NC and my tour director is the one who created the whole nationwide tour.
I guess im thinking along the lines of what Lihu is saying and that it should be easier to hit a 6 iron and keep it in play avoiding danger compared to the longer clubs like driver and woods.
I will not argue with you there.Yes I probably have forgot how hard it is for beginners but that's because I deal with scoring problems and decision making now more than making contact with ball.
Well I know nothing about Aimpoint and unless it magically points out breaks I cant see anyways im not sure it would help me because unless a break is obvious I cannot read a green to savemy life.
Fairly simple answer to that.Bad ball striking,mental errors and bad putting.You have to make decent contact with ball by advancing it forward and not sideways or chunking shots.Cant be 3 putting and trying things you shouldn't.If you are getting the ball within 10-20 yards of green on your approach shotys then 90 shouldn't be too much trouble.
New Posts  All Forums: