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I made a mistake on my last post.  I said "wedge" putter when I meant mallet.  And I'm not sure it's even a mallet.  Maybe a large blade.  Very toe-balanced, about a 75 degree lie, slight offset.  I'm leaning towards making a toe-balanced Anser style.
I was able to sneak a look at his clubs today, and he uses an Acushnet Model 16 M.  So, it's a wedge type. Are there occasions when a golfer might prefer to use a blade over a wedge putter?  Or do most of you stick with one type for all putts?
Thanks, Mike and David.   He goes golfing a few times a year as far as I know.  If he doesn't end up using it, that's ok, but I'm still striving to make something decent.  Maybe I'll try to casually glean some info from him.
Hello! I am a metal caster from Kansas City.  This Father's Day, I want to make my dad a personalized putter.  I'm not a golfer myself, and have only ever played one game.  But I stopped by a pro shop today and the gentleman was kind enough to educate me on some putter basics and terminology.  I was hoping I could get some input from this forum regarding design questions.   For simplicity's sake, I've decided to use a blade type such as the Bullseye for a starting...
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