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Here are my facts. Only have had 2 hacks/ fraud attacks the last 10 years. BOTH 5 days after using 3balls. And after speaking with 3balls manager she ADMITTED the hack from last year and we're working on THEIR side, not my computer. There are your facts. 
Yes, I spoke with the manager and she admitted the fraud from last year as they got hacked. We went over procedures from 8 days ago and since I've been only hacked 2x using  a credit card, both right after buying from them, well............. and she knows and we have put it to rest. 
shorty, i spoke with the manager and we discussed how LAST year people WERE compromised with fraud. Since this happened TWICE to me with 3 balls, it is obvious. We discussed procedures they are using and we settled the matter. Fact is I WAS compromised 2x by this company so I am treading with caution. Didn't accuse anyone in particular at 3 balls, just alerted what happened. they know it did. 
Shorty, you can say "b.s.' all day but when your card is hacked go ahead and do whatever. personally since this the 2nd time, me and Discover ARE going to the authorities to investigate. So, have a nice day and actually THINK before bashing someone else.
Anyone else had credit card fraud after buying form 3Balls?  I bought club in April '13 and week later my card was used in Ireland and other places.  Few days ago at beginning of May I bought another club and card was used in another fraud case right after purchase from 3Balls. As it was the only card I used to buy, NO chance anyone else got the number. Be careful dealing with this company. 
New Posts  All Forums: