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yea that's what the Cleveland launcher does, my gapping is about 5i - 180, 3h - 195, 3w - 230 so im hoping the 5 wood will fit in there, the covert tour has adjustability so I could crank the 3 wood if needed but im not sure if I give up a lot of forgiveness for adjustability that I may never need
yea ill fill that in now, but ill post here for now, Ping g25 10.5 (-0.5) tour stiff shaft Nike sumo dymo2 15* 3 wood Ping g20 17* Hybrid reg tfc shaft (soon to be replaced with Nike covert 5 wood) Cleveland launcher 20.5* hybrid Ping g15 irons +0.25 (3.75* upright) 5-sw) + Gap wedge Cleveland 588 60* 8*bounce Nike method concept/odyssey white hot putters
Thanks for that, I had the ping g20 hybrid and although it was great the par 5s I play have trees that need to be overcome to get to the green, I think the 3 wood would give me more height than a 17* hybrid can give me. I have found that callaway clubs in general are quite heavy, had an fti9 driver and I couldn't get on with it. and they are still a bit more expensive than the covert stuff
Hey guys, Im thinking about getting a covert tour 3 wood as they have now come down in price, but I need a little advice on whether the tour is that much harder to hit than the regular? just to give a bit of background - I only started using a 3 wood in the last 4-5 weeks, always been too afraid of it, (used to be a prolific slicer) but ive noticed the advantage on having the length of a second shot. I play a parkland course where the par 5's I feel are reachable in 2...
Thought id join the site eventually, read loads of reviews and loads of threads on here, am a member on another site, but through no fault of theirs, this on is just far superior! off 15 playing about 10 years on and off started seriously about a year ago, dropped 2 shot this year and hoping to get down to single figures ideally. look forward to chatting with you all! Alun
New Posts  All Forums: