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Super important tip : allign the line on the ball to your intended target, it will cut down ur putting stroke like crazy
Err, im not pro, but i ve seen more ott rather than casting, especially the op sounds like he can hit the ball quite well, so maybe it was OTT, although ive seen some ppl being a flipper still can play decent round most ppl based on my small experience tend to lose balance if they cast from the top, but still like you said a well timed flip might not, but then again, it just an opinion. This is golf, everything is a " Not neccesarily" Cheers
Right, dont blame the equipment yet, the moment you think that all your bad day due to equipment. You're in big trouble, basically equipment does matter on certain degree, but if you just started, those will do, otherwise if you are serious with this game, it never too late to do custom fit according your height and wrist to floor, bla bla bla Good luck
mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagagahAnyway, for me it was last year, me n my buddy played on some course, then 6th hole, we catched up 4 girls in front of us, colourful clothes, pretty cute and they gave us a way, so we tee up, hit a really good drive, wowed them. Then we use our cart passed the ladies tee, act cool, while im checking my gps apps on my iphone, my friend try to open a bottle of beer while driving, then the disaster strucked us,...
You just exposed the secret to play better golf dude. @Joe - you are 7 handicap btw, i think it is more to mental side and Course management side now baby Cheeeeeeerrs
Alright, i did test 4 balls today played for 9 hole Using titleist, callaway, srixon and taylormade My titleist veolcity score 40 My callaway speed regime score 47 My srixon z star score 42 My taylormade rocketballz score 39 During tee off Rsult are varied, but callaway give me more distance than the rest most of the time Distance 1. Callaway somehow always 5-10 m more distance 2. Titleist 3&4 srixon & taylormade Approach All feel same to me honestly, couldnt tell the...
It is so weird, i nver check my ball position whenever i chip, just realised it today before answering this thread, i actually place it in front of my left chest Tried to put it a bit behind and a bit forward, funny thing is it doesnt alter the distance too much, but the ball trajectory did change. Behind is more low trajectory and front is more high trajectory, hmm am i missing something here guys ? I feel like i found a new arsenal around the green now
Holy cow it looks almost identical as my first club Anyway into your question 1. Actually if you feel the shock, u definetly not hit it solidly, nowdays club more like shock absorb in my opinion, cuz i tried both club so i know, plus nowdays club is way more forgiving, if you tops, the ball still fly pretty low, those club probably fly too, but u will hurt your hand in finger area much more. About the steel, we still use steel shaft for the irons nowdays anyway. 2. 3/4...
Man iacas, lets just hope he is not a lurker in this forum
Try to purposely "cast" the club and see if that the same feeling as if you swing normally. Man you hit harder than me If you cast, u will most likely lost balance and your finish will probably akward and feel so unbalance Maybe post a video, so guys here can accurately identify if youre casting or not. But i bet my first trophy underwear that you are not casting if you hit that far Cheers
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