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I have always played a great short game. If I could play with just the irons I would do fine but I have major trouble with the drivers.   After not having played in ten years or so my goal right now is just to make contact with the ball every time. Not worry about how far it goes or what direction, just get my swing back and just hit the ball.
My goals are:   1. Enjoy the day and just enjoy playing the game. 2. Meet new golfing buddies. I've changed jobs and lost touch with the people I used to play against. 3. Lower my score.   -Charles
Hello from Missouri. My name is Charles and I have been playing since about '91. Haven't played since '03 after I hurt my back. Decided to take it up again recently and trying to relearn the game.   Started with a set of clubs pieced together one club at a time from area pawn shops. I recently picked up a set of 1 thru 4 wooden Stan Thompson drivers and full set of Ben Hogan PowerThurst irons. Last time I played back in '03 I shot around 100 to 115 and it took a lot of...
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