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Georgia State made me nearly shit myself during History class. I love you R.J Hunter 😂.
He rubs me the wrong way.He's like JD McCoy in Friday Night Lights 😂😂.
Wow! Two douchebags and Sean O'Hair! Go Sean O'Hair! I'll be watching Selection Sunday.
1st-Joost Luiten(-10)
I like "Daniel Berger's" chances..
Holy shit Padraig Harrington is going H.A.M. There's a twelve percent chance @Crim is shitting is pants right now.
James Hahn is 33? I really thought he was a lot younger. Represent Golden Bears James.
HAHHHHHHHHNNNNNN.Well, I was watching.So there's that.
Hopefully The Iceman can get it done tomorrow. In other news, Vijay Singh turns 52 tomorrow! Holy shit Vijay Singh is old!
Mike Weir was actually one under making the turn. He then had a remarkable streak of bogey-double-bogey-double-bogey-bogey-birdie-bogey. Oh Mike.
New Posts  All Forums: