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I enjoyed it...maybe it was because i watched if half asleep at 2 in the morn lol
I like A or D, i wish there was water on this hole like last year.
Caught a few late night movies last night. The Kingdom-Par. I thought it was a bit sleepy and slow, solid ending though End of Watch-Birdie. Really enjoyable cop movie Shutter Island-Birdie. Not Scorsese's best, but enjoyable story and good ending(?) Juice-Birdie. Pretty good crime/hood movie. Tupac was a pretty decent actor
Both of them would have a stroke before the turn.
Hey Retief, how's it goin? Lol 😉
Unless John Daly is playing 😉
Funny looking at this quote from 8 years ago or so. He was better banging a steady stream of hookers, socialites, and cocktail waitresses, I tell ya!
I wouldn't be surprised if Bjorn wins one during the twilight of his career-a la Darren Clarke. Good long shot bet I think. Sergio is almost definitely winning one soon. Mannassero is super young so not a bad bet either. I also like GFC or Freddie J at those odds.
Absolutely not. I know he's had a wonderful year and has tons of experience, but they're a lot more deserving players this year and there is no room for a sympathy pick. I think McDowell, Poulter, and Jimenez or Westwood will get taken. Bjorn will probably be automatically chosen, as will Donald. I think Westwood is probably ahead of Jimenez right now, but I would love to see Miguel at Gleneagles being the oldest player ever. McDowell is a lock right now with the way he...
Sup dogg
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