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Troy Kelly will win for his first PGA Tour victory and last minute invitations to the PGA Championship & Bridgestone. Scratch that it's Troy Matteson. Whoops his name is "Troy Merritt".
He hit his approach 50 yards past the green?
Tiger, hit a ****ing fairway.
Yeah, I may have been hitting the L when I said that.
No, but he did do another fist pump and gave a goofy smile. Yeah I don't know, I just really like that video 😂😂.I thing his Bob Hope dance is probably whiter.
LOOK HOW SWEATY HE IS 😂. I genuinely love how ecstatic he is to make the cut.Other great moments in Ken Duke being the greatest and whitest golfer on tour:
So the PGA Tour just posted the video on their app and I've been watching it over and over.I've been thinking it over, and I have come to the conclusion that this was the whitest moment ever, in any sport.
Hey now!
Did anyone just see that Ken Duke celebration? That might have just been the greatest and whitest moment in PGA Tour history. I love Ken Duke.
Ooooh Ryo Ishikawa oh so close to another hole in one.
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