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I went the course today and did pretty bad, Old drivers are that non playable ? or is there some fix I need to make em work.
 Thanks for your reply Shangia ! I really appreciate it. Got it, so it has to be hit solidly in the right sweet spot Lemme try the hybrids, hope they are easy to hit with So if I master the old driver, I can do some serious damage with the new ones Blisters are on my right hand thumb, right hand's index finger, right hands' ring finger - mostly right hand affected Ok, exhaling giver me more control - atleast in tennis, lemme stick to that Lemme pick an entry level one and...
Hey, I am a tennis player and went to a driving range for the first time 30 days back as it was raining. Using my dad's old golf set, I have now started to develop a keen liking for this game.   Till now, I have been to the Driving Range 15 times, done 2 rounds of Mini Golf Course, Completed 18 holes 2 times and getting to know new terms day by day. Done a birdie 3-4 holes at par , multiple bogeys , lost 3 balls. I have some questions that might be silly, but I could...
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