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Thanks for the help, I will start looking into all these places. Seems like you really can't go wrong.
Visiting a buddy in the next month who is living in Morristown. Planning on playing 3 or 4 rounds while I'm out there. Right now the tenative plan is to play Crystal Springs, Ballyowen, and maybe swing out to Long Island and play Rockaway Hunting Club.   Any suggestions for around Morristown NJ? Would prefer to bag the LI trip and just play another two around the area. Going from google it looks like Basking Ridge C.C., Fairmont C.C. NJ National are all close by. Are...
Id be interested. I love Whispering Woods. Great layout, good greens. Sounds like fun!
Yes good call on Totter!! I play there once a summer on Wed/Thur when they run the play all day for $49. Have played 54 the past 3 years, hoping for 72 in one day this summer. They need to bring back the Rocco tees from before though!
Sergio Garcia  - 4 Luke Donald - 3 John Senden - 5
South Park and North Park are both dogtracks... 6 hour rounds for sure.   Too bad Fox Chapel didnt offer a round the monday after the tournament.
My top 3,   Whispering Woods, Erie PA Treasure Lake - Gold, DuBois PA Old Stonewall, Ellwood City PA     Thoughts? Any more nice courses out there in WPA that you can play?
Where did you hear this? I tried to google but did not find anything.   Can you past the link here?     Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: