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I see why so many of us get angry and frustrated on the course.  We need to chill.
I think there are a lot of Tuesday Morning QB's here.  Who am I to judge. It's an interesting story, that fortunately had little consequence.  Ease up people.  Life's too short and many of you are closet hypocrites because we ALL have put ourselves in stupid situations because we acted on emotion instead of common sense.  Be thankful that all of us could walk away to see another day and give thanks instead of spread negativity and spite for someone sharing his life with us...
Examples: Gales Sayers vs. Barry Sanders and Derrick Rose vs. A young Dwayne Wade...injury prone vs. non-injury prone.
Tiger weights 185 lbs soaking wet, at 6'1"...that's not bulk...it's not even average cornerback size in the NFL.  It is simply he puts too much torque on his joints in stressful positions as many great athletes do.  Those with more flexible ligaments survive better than those that don't. Kinda like slow twitch and fast twitch fibers.  You're either born with it or with out.
I hit a 343 yd drive two days ago at Heron Glen in NJ 512 yd/par 5/8th hole down the middle of the fairway with wind in my face.  Subsequently bogeyed the hole trying to reach a sucker pin placement 171 to the pin in 2 which I hit very thin, flubbed my 3rd, chipped into sand on my 4th, got up and down for a 6.  That's why I'm still a bogey golfer....LMAO.  
Club Loft Yds Cobra Bio Cell + 12 carry 250/270 Callaway Xtreme 15 245 Callaway  18 235 Nike VRS Forged 22 215 NIke VR Pro Blades 5 27 205 Nike VR Pro Blades 6 31 185 Nike VR Pro Blades...
To each, his own.  Who cares?
Compacting my swing and flatter swing plane.
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