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Thanks ballmarker and jeremie. Yeah ill drop one after playing with them to see what overlaps there are.
Sort of.. the 3-7 are cavity backs with polymer. The 8-AW have the same style head without the polymer insert. I believe they have a cast head welded to a forged face. The 56 and 60 tour preffered are just s one pieve design.
I'm not on the PGA tour lol
I worked on keeping my left arm more straight as well as limiting backswing travel and getting more hip rotatin tonight. Felt funny but I was striking the ball well. Hardest part for me was the shoulders my right shoulder just naturally wants to be low it's very hard to get my left lower.
That makes sense. I can see the difference.
I will when I get all of them. Still in the mail except for the putter.
Been working on it. Here is today.
I pull it off somewhat. It's a hard choice every time i swing around people who know what they're talking about they seem conflicted on what to tell me to do. Everyone agrees that my swing is a long ways from perfect or normal. but when I drive it 300+ and straight they say hmm maybe you shouldn't change it. I think with enough work though I can swing right and still have power.
Ok good to know. In mine from that angle on the left the club head gets down to my head level. Thanks a lot
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