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If I own a golf course and a company leases me their GPS system (incase your unaware, almost all GPS systems are leased) I would want to inquire about any insurance incase a golfer breaks one. That's thinking like a businessman which we need more of.
I should take a pic and show how crazy this tee box is and where you have to park. Maybe they will consider moving the tees way up or just play the odds that this 10,000-1 shot never happens again. Wouldn't the gps company have insurance with the course?
I will pass it on not to pay and see if they come after him. We could have easily said a ball from another group hit into us but we told the truth. Sometimes it doesn't pay to do so. Thanks guys.
We played in a fund raiser scramble. Our sponsor pays for our foursome and we don't sign anything. Cell phone size GPS in cart wouldn't turn on and starter said some work some don't right now. Our first hole is #5 at Pine lakes golf in Ohio. We park the cart on cart path and walk to the tees which are further back than I've ever seen them.  My one friend who has not golfed yet this year tee's off first and hooks the ball right into our cart and hits the GPS and breaks...
New Posts  All Forums: