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here are some updated videos. my shots are a lot straighter. keep in mind ive seen a PGA pro twice now.   Driver:   7 iron
I was hoping harvey penicks book would help on grip, but that chapter didnt help at all. just talked about the three types of grip. and to grip the golf club like you would grip a yard stick.....and I dont own a yard stick lol. 
on chapter 29 now.....disappointed theres no pictures to help. and the chapter on grip was more or less unhelpfull.    The book doesnt really seem to teach things for beginners, its more ramblings from things he taught young pros. Not very impressed at the moment, the first 29 chapters hasnt taught me anything. The book is very vague, and not direct in showing what to do. 
just got the ebook for my kobo. I will be reading it over the next couple days. Ill report back with my thoughts. Im a beginner BTW.
Interesting....I was trying between firm and softer. I found softer I could get my wrists to flip back to straighten the club out. To stiff and I was pushing shots because my wrists never came back to square.   I bought "the little red book" and I intend to read it to get some tips. I will post a new video shortly. 
i actually just watched a youtube video on grip and applied it today at the range. very similar to that thread you sent me.   
cant find the edit button to add more to my post.   I read that posture thread, and from what I gather a rounded upper back is normal and proper? it seemed like the head tilt placement was different among different golfers.    i just need to be bent more over and more on the balls less on the heels. 
Just hit the range again today. I noticed the posture thing right away. Ive tried to correct this today. I was hitting shots much better today. I put the ball further away as well. Bent more at the hips. More flat back. I will get a new video uploaded. 
  I've been Playing Golf for:​ Recently 1 year, overall 10+ My current handicap index or average score is: 26 My typical ball flight is: push/fat The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fat   you can slow the video down on the setting button on the bottom right of the video to 0.25 normal speed to see my swing better. Videos:
New Posts  All Forums: