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Lol...watching golf channel now after another quick bucket of balls at the range by the hotel. Its too late for me...save yourself!
Thanks for the warm welcome. I hit at Rolling Hills driving range right next to my hotel outside Augusta, GA. It was my first time using an automatic tee system so I was really topping my first shots with the driver. I messed around with the height and as usual was swinging too hard trying to crush it and only hitting 200. I calmed down, relaxed, concentrated on making clean contact and the balls started going straight and long. No Idea of distance because I always lose...
Hello all. Been lurking about a month and seeing as I'm in one of golf's sacred grounds (Augusta, GA)for business; I decided to finally make an account. I just have to say thank you and how amazing the wealth of information is that is contained in this site. My background is a has been retired...for now...motorcycle road racer. I have been to the driving range a total of 5 times including today and have played one round this past Friday. I was a ski instructor (separate...
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