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Thanks. I am considering playing shorter tees. I noticed Straits is the 6th hardest course in the USA according to Golf Digest. I am going to buy some cheaper balls and tee it forward!
I am going to the American Club to play all 4 courses. Any advice is appreciated. I am a 7 handicap and not too long off the tee (240 yards) Which tees should I play? Any course management tips are welcome!!!
I quit for 25 years only to come back 2 years ago.   I remember the comment my friend made on the 10th hole of a very mediocre round 25 years ago- "This is crazy, grown men hitting white balls around in fancy cow pastures". It hit me as crazy too.   I picked up my golf ball in the 10th fairway and walked away. I thought I was done forever, but I came back. I guess I was taking myself too seriously. Golf is just a game.   I have experienced several serious health...
That sounds like what we are doing. I took my wife to the course with a putter and wedge. She seemed to enjoy it. I am hoping to do more and continue like you and your wife are doing.
Great Link! Thanks
I have tried to learn the rules of golf from friends, the local pro and on the internet. I am at a loss when I read about it online. Terms and phrases are used that I don't know how to interpret. How is the best way to learn the rules of golf? It seems like the USA legal system is easier to understand!!!
I am surprising my wife with a new inexpensive set of golf clubs from amazon Wilson Women's Hope complete golf set. I am hoping to take her to the course with her new clubs soon!!! Is anyone familiar with the golf clubs I ordered?
I shot IDPA, 3 gun and cowboy action. It was a lot of fun, but I got tired of waiting at competitions for my turn. Typical match- 60-80 rounds of ammo in 5 hours. Sort of like golf. It took most of a day. My days practicing were 500-800 rounds per day!!! Ten years ago reloading at 9cents per round it was expensive, but affordable. Now at 30 cents per round it is not possible for me.
I really like the junior tee markers close to the green. That could be great for beginners and make for a nice day for a non avid golfer.
The money seems to be a common problem. I was into competitive handgun shooting sports until the price of ammo skyrocketed! Golf seems reasonably priced compared to the shooting sports, even when you lose a golf ball or two! I like the idea of promoting it as a family sport!
New Posts  All Forums: