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Some of the comments seem crazy. The main question I ask is how do we encourage beginners and build the game of golf? There is no question competition rules are different and result in higher scores. How do those rules encourage beginners and build the game. I love golf and I think all of you do too. How can we encourage new players and build up the game?
http://money.msn.com/top-stocks/post--golf-stocks-sink-as-interest-in-the-sport-plummets     Golf stocks sink as interest in the sport plummets   Perhaps these new relaxed rules can help the sport. Personally, I am a 7 handicap who walks. I play for the exercise and friendship. I like to play relaxed rules. I play with other higher handicap players who hit bad shots frequently. I tell them to forget that ball and just play another one. As these rules become...
Thanks. I am considering playing shorter tees. I noticed Straits is the 6th hardest course in the USA according to Golf Digest. I am going to buy some cheaper balls and tee it forward!
I am going to the American Club to play all 4 courses. Any advice is appreciated. I am a 7 handicap and not too long off the tee (240 yards) Which tees should I play? Any course management tips are welcome!!!
I quit for 25 years only to come back 2 years ago.   I remember the comment my friend made on the 10th hole of a very mediocre round 25 years ago- "This is crazy, grown men hitting white balls around in fancy cow pastures". It hit me as crazy too.   I picked up my golf ball in the 10th fairway and walked away. I thought I was done forever, but I came back. I guess I was taking myself too seriously. Golf is just a game.   I have experienced several serious health...
That sounds like what we are doing. I took my wife to the course with a putter and wedge. She seemed to enjoy it. I am hoping to do more and continue like you and your wife are doing.
Great Link! Thanks
I have tried to learn the rules of golf from friends, the local pro and on the internet. I am at a loss when I read about it online. Terms and phrases are used that I don't know how to interpret. How is the best way to learn the rules of golf? It seems like the USA legal system is easier to understand!!!
I am surprising my wife with a new inexpensive set of golf clubs from amazon Wilson Women's Hope complete golf set. I am hoping to take her to the course with her new clubs soon!!! Is anyone familiar with the golf clubs I ordered?
I shot IDPA, 3 gun and cowboy action. It was a lot of fun, but I got tired of waiting at competitions for my turn. Typical match- 60-80 rounds of ammo in 5 hours. Sort of like golf. It took most of a day. My days practicing were 500-800 rounds per day!!! Ten years ago reloading at 9cents per round it was expensive, but affordable. Now at 30 cents per round it is not possible for me.
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