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I didn't realize I was going to start a cow poop storm.  I just threw out the numbers I had.  God forbid if someone can do something that other people can't.  You do realize those numbers are from 8 years ago?  I don't think I could hit that now if I wanted to.  I love the way message board heros immediately dismiss something that have never seen.  I've never personally seen a man walk on the moon, doesn't mean it didn't happen.  So take it for what it's worth, I could...
Hi Lihu.  Maybe I should have stated "woods" speeds.  That's what the instructor was averaging on.  The range that day was 125-133.  I've never swung faster than 135 in my life.  I understand Bubba and others swing that fast, that's what they do.  I'm just a weekend hack with a hard swing.  I'll never profess to breaking par ever or getting pars on a consistent basis I don't need to be that good.  I just want to go out, swing a few, drink a few, have some laughs and eat...
Yes Motley I do.  You can call BS all you want but that was consistent. You don't have to be a pro to have a swing that hard.  So BS to you.  You don't know me and how I golf.   I know what I can do so please keep your comments to yourself.  Like I said, I'm not a great golfer but it is what it is.  
Hey guys.  I'm new to the board but have lived in and around Dayton since '92.  Played quite of the few courses here in town and in the area.  I'm not a great golfer, but I do like to get out and play.  I live off of 35 in Walnut Hills so I can pretty much get to anywhere in 30 minutes or less in town.
 This sounds like my wife.  She really wants to play but right now is afraid to embarrass herself at the range.  I told her when we go to grab a pitching wedge and swingaway.  I'll let her learn from her own mistakes and we'll go from there.  She wants the together time and exercise.  She also likes the idea of the pink bag and cute clothes.  I stated earlier it's all social and fashion for her.  But she does want to play and to me that's what I want hear.  
8 years ago I got on a swing meter with my driver and averaged right around 129MPH.  I'm not going brag about that because I couldn't hit a straight drive on a runway.   I've slowed down into the 110's and am doing a little better.  So now it's forcing a slow down even farther to see what I can do to keep it straight.  So we'll see how the process goes and hopefully get it straighter.   
  Amen.  I'm a weekend hack to begin with so she'll definitely learn more from them than me.    We have some decent Par 3's around here so that's where we're going to start.  I'm just glad she wants to learn. 
My wife actually came to me asked me to help her get into the game.  So for our anniversary I bought her a decent set of starter clubs.  She was honestly happy with what she got.  I know for her it's going to be social and fashionable but it will still get us together as we grow older.  
 I'll take that as a complement.   Both my wife and father-in-law are Buckeyes.  It gets really interesting in the house around the fall.  
 Born and raised in the Buffalo, NY area and have been in Dayton for over 20 years.  OH and GO BLUE!!!!!!
New Posts  All Forums: