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I guess Tiger knows what he's doing. And what do I know anyway, I never had to play an uphill 650 yard par-5 in my life. And in hindsight you can say anything but I still look at the results of -1 in 4 rounds from one of the better par-5 converters and that is disappointing. Oh well, he still has a few good years left in him
I have decided that I can't stand this guy any more. You know who he is, the bald guy on PGA Tour SUnday on USA? Writes for GolfWorld? The guy with the Tiger fetish? I've had it with him and his blind love for everything Tiger does. In a column he wrote about the PGA Championship in GW he defended Tiger going for th egreen in 2 on 17 on Friday. Tiger eventually almost made it but ended up in that horid lie in the bunker and made bogey, which forced him to birdie 18 to...
Steve Williams convincing Tiger to hit driver on the short par 4 (13th?) at Augusta and go for the green in one in 2003 (?). Instead Tiger blocked it right and ended up inside the bushes where he had to play his next shot left handed and made bogey 9or even double).
.... Would you like to play a game?" Sorry. I can't think of the word "Greetings" without the obligatory ending of that sentence. Nice to join you fine folks on this forum. I've been playing golf for about three years now and am completely addicted. I picked it up at a late age because it was a good way for me to bond with my aging father. He just turned 60 and has about a 10 handicap and I finally beat him a couple of months ago on his home course (major...
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