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Toe shank sounds scary...
Originally the PW had about 50* loft. Nowadays a 50* wedge is called "approach" or "gap" wedge.
What's a toe shank?
And why is the 46* iron called a wedge?
I think this whole thing is ridicolous too. Why don't sell sets starting with a 1 iron? And PW nowadays with 45* loft. Who pitches with a PW?
Lofts have changed over the years. I don't know any company that still sells 1 irons. For instance the 712U driving iron from Titleist with 18* Loft is considered as an 2 iron.
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Hybrids seem easier to hit than irons. But why? Do they have a larger sweet spot, something like a huge cavity back because of that chunky clubhead and mishits just go farther? Or do players tend to flip their hands less with hybrids? Are they more forgiving on fat shots because they slide more over the turf? Do players push / pull or slice / hook their shots less with a hybrid? Is it easier with a hybrid to straighten the clubface at impact? Don't the players need to...
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