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Can someone explain me why hybrids are so easy to hit compared to long irons?
Which is the longest iron you can hit consistently good?
Shouldn't the US Open be called the World Open?
I think biggest cause for shanks is a bad shoulder turn and getting disconnected with your arms and body.
In the award ceremony of this years Superbowl the winner team was called "champion of the world". Didn't know the whole world played in the NFL. Strange attitude, a bit arrogant.
So true.
I personally don't think that you can feel a difference at impact between a forged or a casted club. But I don't know if they sound different at impact and how much this sound really affects the player...
@3Putter How about that:
TheThe Brady bunch came in Europe too...
If casted and forged iron are the same, how do you explain this:
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