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Thanks all. I'm glad to see there are others like me out there. I'll feel more comfortable heading out in the future.
30 yards out, bunker in front of the green, flag right behind bunker. I just can't make this shot. I love to bump and run and obviously this isn't an option here. I carry a 44 degree PW, a 48 degree AW, and a 60 degree SW. I usually hit the SW in this situation. Maybe I need to add a Lob wedge?
Thanks for the response. I don't mind getting paired up at all but worry that people don't like getting paired with a single. I know that a twosome would expect to get paired up but I feel awkward getting paired with a threesome.
I don't know many golfer's and want to get out more. I don't mind heading out as a single but I feel awkward doing so during courses busy hours (Sat or Sun before 11). Do courses generally frown upon singles coming out during these hours?
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