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You too. The 3/4 thought was to long for me, so started thinking half as well.
Working on shorter backswing and staying down thru impact. Right shoulder must touch chin before I come up. As always weight shift to left as I tend to hit fat. More around and less up on backswing. This one is starting to set in finally so I can now concentrate more on impact and finish.
I guess I need to do some reading on face and the gear effect then.
Either way the numbers areNOT good, as you are pushing the ball. With a 5 in to out path you want the face slightly closed to path to draw it back towards the target line. Non toe shot. ?????????
Weird. If your path is 5 right in to out, and you face to path is 6 open to path, you would push slice. If you hit it on the toe then gear effect would probably make the shot a straight push.Now if what you mean is your face was 6 open to target line then that would make you a 1 open to path and a straight push right. Toe shot would draw the ball do to gear effect, so I'm guessing a ball drawing to or across the target line? Aoa will also change the results.
Mike, how much would hitting off the toe add to hooks spin because of the gear effect? Say to shots the same path, one on toe one in sweet spot , in to out 10* swing with slightly closed face to path?
How closed your club face is to the swing path would show the severity of the draw/hook.  If you are swing in to out, then a square club face with the swing path would result in a non turning straight push.  In your case the club face was closed to the swing path, and the numbers associated with the club face would show you were severely hooking the ball, IF you knew what you were looking at.  I am an example of not understanding the numbers for my swing.  I just couldn't...
Just read the whole thread. You have made great improvements.
Check your form. I got the same thing. I was tilting on the backswing, then trying to swing around low left when it happened to me. Turn around your spine. My still hurts when I cough, but now that I'm swing correctly doesn't bother me when I swing. Around.
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