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Most (if not all) places that take cards can manually input the card number, doesn't have to be swiped.  
Is there anything on the scorecard that address when a ball lands in a yard.  I've seen local rules there sometimes.
 The answer isn't to change the standard and make it easier, practice more and become better.  Seems to be the typical answer in this day and age if someone can't accomplish something is to change the standard/rules. As far as getting tired after 18 holes of golf...get in better shape.  And you always have the option to quit after 13 holes.
But he shouldn't...he should be teaching them to maintain a decent pace of play early on and that pre-swing routine won't do that.
My initial thoughts as well....starting early to learn slow play.
He doesn't need to see a psychiatrist.  People get angry, they get over it. Not everything means someone is a psychopath that's about to go on a shooting rage.
 That's a lot of testosterone.
 Why would you even consider this as an ethical dilemma?
I just received my 6 dozen MTB balls.  It included a personal note from Dean Snell which I thought was a nice touch.  $157.00 for 6 premium dozen balls. 
Is that an older winter picture?  Grass looks dormant or dead. :)
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