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No...absolutely not.
I think this is way to early to be putting that type of stress on the fusion.  I would certainly get your doctors okay first.
This is an old thread that was dug up but I'll add in my experience.  Had my spine fused from T2 to L1 (that's 11 fused vertabrae!!) with two titanium rods and about 15 screws in October 2011. I'm in my mid 40's and was in good shape prior to surgery and worked to get back into shape after surgery which I'm sure factors into things.    I started back playing last summer just a bit shy of two years post op.  Fortunately most flexibility comes from the cervical and lumbar...
Dicks sells Mizuno clubs.
Did they provide any real value to the store?  To be honest, I never knew they employed PGA professionals at their stores.   This quote from the article:   "Young people entering the game after high school, 18- to 30-year-olds are down 35 percent in the last 10 years. So I don't like where the game looks like it's going."   In my opinion, it's going to continue to drop if the community can't get a handle on cost and pace of play.
I think it's stupid.
 People overlook this fact too often...and he did it with a bad back!
I think it's pretty slick.  Does it give you some time of indication that it recognized the club tap?
It was years ago and I don't remember what the commercial  was for.  But it showed guys alter ego image ghosted beside him saying "miss it, miss it, miss it" for his playing partner's putt then when he made it, the guy said "good putt".    I've always thought there's a little bit of that in all of us.      I wish I could find the commercial but can't for the life of me remember what the subject matter was.  
 You don't have to stop for food at the turn, bring a snack if you think you need one.  Eat after your round is complete.
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