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I think golf in the Olympics is silly anyway.
His is no where near as bad as Barkley's.
I order a Matador grip last year about this time.  Been wanting to swap it out for a new one but the Cameron store has been "Sold Out" in those grips for quite some time.    Anyone  know if this one of those things where they only have in stock at certain times of the year and just have to catch it at the right time or do they not offer for retail sale any longer?   Thanks,   Robert
If I'm not in a tournament, I'm not playing out of that crap.  I'm dropping outside the bunker, I play golf to enjoy it, not suffer through a courses inability to properly maintain the course.  If it is in a tournament and I have paid to play, then I'd take the issue of the course condition up with the course. 
To be honest, that club doesn't look well cared for.  If I was a TM rep, I'd have a hard time justifying a free replacement.
I just used ShipSticks this week to ship my bag from GA to MI. Very positive experience. I dropped the bag off Monday at UPS and they arrived at my hotel on Wednesday. $49.00.  I shipped the clubs in my soft side golf bag, but can use a box or hard bag as well.   If you have to pay bag fees anyway and don't feel like lugging the bag around the airport, this may be something to look into.
 I assume in this context "gamed" = played?
You missed the intent of the thread.  Not what annoys you...but what you do that annoys others.
Who says golf is a social game?  Golf is a game against the course.
I would try one, but wouldn't pay more then the regular cart fee.
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