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He isn't dead.  He just cut his hand.
With my back fusion, I have to warm up.  I stretch for about 15 minutes before I leave the house and then I hit a bucket of balls starting with short small strokes and working up to full strokes.
I'll echo what most others here have said.  I walk 27-36 holes every Saturday and Sunday in SW Georgia.  I normally go out around noon so it's can be very hot, below are my recommendations.   -Push cart. I use the Clicgear 3.5+ -Keep hydrated and drink plenty (I don't put anything in my water, as I approach the refill on hot days I'll dump the remaining water over my head or down my back before refilling.) -Lightweight, wicking clothing -I keep two towels, one I keep...
Sucks for me...it's the only place in town for me to shop for golf gear.  There is a small independent shop in town, but it is small and doesn't carry much selection.
Sounds like you may be coming over the top.
There is nothing wrong with a ten finger grip.
Saw Jim Furyk wearing this on TV. I believe it was during the PGA practice rounds.
I was having the same problem. One of the drills my course pro had me do was after I took my stance and setup to the ball to bring my right index finger over the front of the grip (kinda like holding a cigarette). He said that finger can influence the downswing and doing that takes it out of the equation. It worked like a charm. It's not meant to always hit like that but as a drill to get the feel of the swing. I didn't have a huge over the top swing but enough to cause...
I voted no I don't think they should have been told.  It is the players decision to allow them to play up not the PGA officials. But I do believe it is the "right" thing to do. With that said, who knows what the outcome would have been otherwise.  What if Phil would have stuck his 2d near the hole?  I think a shot like that enters Rory's mind and could have had some impact to his tee shot or his approach.
New Posts  All Forums: