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I just ordered a set of the Lamkin wraps.  The UTx were sold out.  If anyone bought the UTx's and wants to swap let me know. :)
I would say most of the high schools here in the states have a golf team. 
My spine is fused T3 to L2 and I have lower back pain.  I also get steroid shots to help with the lower back pain.   Playing golf actually lessens the pain,  I suppose it's because it helps stretch me out.  I can walk 27 holes and feel fine.   I've also recently taken running back up and a friend who is an ultra runner recommended Hoka running shoes.  Best thing ever, they absorb the impact shock running normally causes.
That's how it feels at my local course (Maple Ridge in Columbus, GA) that participates with Golf Now.  I generally only use them when they have a Hot Deal for the course but the reception at the course using the deal is somewhat off.
A bit off topic but somewhat related....but I've never really understood the push to continually increase profits year over year.  Fundamentally I do understand why companies must but at what point is it just okay to be profitable?  Why must a business grow or expand year after year?   I believe it's that mindset that leads to unethical business practices and the lack of true customer service in a lot of businesses as they look for ways to cut costs and improve profits.
 Not buying it.
On one of the "Lesson From A Pro" episodes on Golf Channel they had Greg Norman on.  One of the shots he hit was with his 1 Iron from way back, he compared it to today's 3 irons and showed where the lofts were very similar.  I'm sure the newer technologies make the 3 iron easier to hit versus the old 1 irons but yeah, it's more of the manufacturer's making the lofts stronger to meet their claims.   Curious, what do most people think. Should USGA and R&A define loft...
Yeah, my bad....didn't pay attention to the dates, just saw the post above that brought the thread to the top. Oh, well...my comment is still valid.
Seriously?  This would drive your decision making if a company didn't "honor" something that there was no offer when you bought the equipment?  And if you believe the companies that do is anything but marketing and PR you're as naive as your comment.  It has nothing to do with "the little guy".
Thanks Newttogolf.
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