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 Really, you must be very sheltered if a guy kicking a ball on the green is one of the most bizarre stories you've heard.
This is really a smart marketing move by TM.  Get people using their products young and establish a loyalty to the brand in the out years as they get older.
Tell them to quit being so butt hurt and play golf with people within their own skill level.  There are more important things in life.
Here is the text of Trump's comments:  What about that statement is crazy or untrue?   If this offends you then you are part of the problem.  You are part of this ultra sensitive generation that screams and yells for over-reaching, intrusive laws if they don't like something.   He may be egotistical, polarizing and blunt,  but I would say he is far from an idiot as some have accused him of.  He has built a real estate empire and multi-billion dollar business...an idiot...
I just don't think golf is a sport that should be played in the Olympics. 
Man up and stop being offended by anything and everything.   Take responsibility for yourself and your own actions.  Stop replying on others to make decision for you.
I think golf in the Olympics is silly anyway.
His is no where near as bad as Barkley's.
I order a Matador grip last year about this time.  Been wanting to swap it out for a new one but the Cameron store has been "Sold Out" in those grips for quite some time.    Anyone  know if this one of those things where they only have in stock at certain times of the year and just have to catch it at the right time or do they not offer for retail sale any longer?   Thanks,   Robert
If I'm not in a tournament, I'm not playing out of that crap.  I'm dropping outside the bunker, I play golf to enjoy it, not suffer through a courses inability to properly maintain the course.  If it is in a tournament and I have paid to play, then I'd take the issue of the course condition up with the course. 
New Posts  All Forums: