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I believe part of the blame is people aren't aware they are slow and/or don't want to admit they are the problem.  I also fault marshals/courses not enforcing pace of play.   Ran into it this weekend.  A foursome was backing up the whole course behind them. Directly behind them was a twosome, single, twosome.  I understand normally a foursome will play slower then a single or twosome, but if you have no one in front of you, there is nothing wrong with letting faster...
I have this problem.  I will start off a round well and then for some reason my shot making goes to crap and I end up scrambling.  I think it's because I let me swing get too loosey goosey later in the round.   Today was a perfect example...+2 after 9 holes then +15 over for the 18.  Makes me want to quit sometimes.
I'd much rather carry a gun and not need it, then to need one and not have it. How many of the mass shootings could have been prevented or at least minimized the loss of life had more people been carrying?  Most all of them happen in "gun free" zones because they know no one else has a gun to fight back.
I play here in southwest GA where is can get very hot.  I normally go out in the late morning and walk 27 holes so I end up on the course through the hottest part of the day.  I make it a point to go slowly (I let folks play through if I'm holding them up) and I drink lots and lots of water and always have some type of snack with me to keep my energy up as well.
T25 or 10 minute trainer series??
I carry a gun in my bag every time I play.  Too many weirdos in the world these days.
I think the amount does matter.  Someone will take more risks and attempt lower percentage shots if there is only $.25 on the line.  Put 10 or 20 dollars on the line and they will mos tlikely play much smarter golf.  Of course the amount in relation to their disposable income will factor in as well. A group of friends and I play monthly poker nights.  Generally, there isn't much on the line ($20 buy in).  People will generally play much differently when their bet is only a...
 I know the Rules Of Golf (not everything, but I have a better then working knowledge).The problem is people start using their own acronyms for everything instead of spelling it out.  It can't be that much more effort just to spell out.  While a lot of them are fairly easy to figure out, it makes reading the posts that much more difficult.  I tend to skip over them when they are overloaded with acronyms. 
How about not using so many acronyms for those of us who have no idea what they all mean.  At least spell out first use.   Trying to read these posts is like deciphering a puzzle.
I just ordered a set of the Lamkin wraps.  The UTx were sold out.  If anyone bought the UTx's and wants to swap let me know. :)
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