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Yeah, my bad....didn't pay attention to the dates, just saw the post above that brought the thread to the top. Oh, well...my comment is still valid.
Seriously?  This would drive your decision making if a company didn't "honor" something that there was no offer when you bought the equipment?  And if you believe the companies that do is anything but marketing and PR you're as naive as your comment.  It has nothing to do with "the little guy".
Thanks Newttogolf.
Wow, no one on this forum has bought the mini driver?
For those of you who have bought the mini-driver what did you get for a head cover with it?   Is it just a standard fairway wood headcover with the little dial on it to change which club it is?  I'm trying to find out if I got the right headcover with mine, the one I have seems like it's a tight fit.   Thanks,   Robert
I vote "7 Days in Utopia" as the most corny golf movie to date. :)   Watched it this evening on the golf channel.
....or, someone's first post is asking about a company in HK.  Scam maybe?
Interesting concept of having all clubs the same length, would certainly help having a consistent swing. Wonder what the drawbacks to that is?  Loss of distance?
The weepy sissy crap kind of turned me off of it.  But all it takes is them to get a well known pro to play it and get a win and they'll be set.    I'm sure they'll get a bump from the Shark tank episode too,  plenty of people out there with money that will drop a few bills on a putter.  Heck, my Scotty was $300.
grotesque? a bit dramatic isn't it?
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