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The course I typically play is about 2.5 blocks away.  Well, the green for the 2nd hold and tee box for 3 is about 2.5 blocks away.  The clubhouse is about a mile drive.
A penny that's been run over by a train.  It's very thin, the metal is nice and shiny, and it is oval shaped (easy to pick up away from the ball).
I'd probably play my fade with an easy driver shot, and pitch on... well, that would be the plan.  I'd end up in the bunker or rough, overshoot the green, chip on, and 3 putt.
I play a lot of solo golf.  I've only had one less than optimal experience with a 3-some that I was put with, but otherwise I've really enjoyed it.  Any time you can be out for a 4 hour walk in the park while chasing that little white ball is good time.  I'm not good, but I don't play slow and I like to think of myself as someone that can get along with anyone.   As long as you're not being 'that guy', I wouldn't feel awkward at all.  You'll be surprised how many times...
New Posts  All Forums: