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I have the MP H4 irons and the mid and long irons have some hollow space inside like a hybrid. I guess when I get the same swing speed as Phil I'll be concerned about this. LOL
Agreed. I recently switched from GI to MP H4 and while they're no where near a true blade, they have improved my striking. My first 2 games with them were +30ish (normally shoot +15ish) but now that I've gotten used to them I've started to get that sexy worn sweet spot look and my mishits aren't nearly as bad. Now a mishit goes 15yd short but is still straight and usually plenty high. My mishits tend to be fat rather than thin and I've gotten away from my toe mishits,...
I tried some MP4 irons and while I absolutely loved the short irons I found the 5i and 4i hard to get proper loft. My swing is far from perfect, especially with longer clubs. However, with the short irons, I found I'm much more accurate. Maybe it's the fact that I don't want to get a stinging sensation in my hands, but I focus much more on a centered strike with less forgiving irons which has made me close the club face more consistently and get much better results. I...
I have a super stroke slim 3.0 and it has helped significantly in evening out my applied pressure. I find it much easier to judge distance with it. I also use an Odyssey White hot (v-line).
I've received some conflicting information about this and just want to be sure. Is it legal to repair ball marks on the green that are in your line of play before making your putt? Of course you can't press down and improve your lie, but does this constitute improving your lie or is there a separate rule governing man-made obstructions? Thanks.
With the Mizuno MP T5s release, the MP T4 has come down quite a bit. I believe you could get both for $100. Absolutely love mine. My 56.10 is by far my most used club. Most of my home courses have short par 4s so it's rare that I need more than a wedge for the approach.
Callaway razr fit xtreme 10.5* stiff flex Bombtech Grenade 3 wood regular flex Mizuno MP H4 irons 3-PW xp115 shafts Mizuno MP T4 wedges 50.6 and 56.10 DG spinner shafts Odyssey White Hot V Line putter
I was looking at Mizuno MP 64 irons which I think are in the same class (players cavity) as the AP2. I ended up going with the MP H4 set because as someone else suggested, the long irons were more forgiving and that's where I needed it. I'm sure titleist has a similar offering, but if not you may want to try the MP H4 at your fitting. They still have that buttery forged feel but the extra forgiveness in the long irons is really helpful. If you're dead set on titleist and...
Sorry I was referring to the unplayable lie as a hazard too. I know it isn't an actual hazard and probably should have used different wording.
Great thanks for the help. So let me see if I have it right. If the ball goes into a hazard or is unplayable (but visible) you can drop next to the hazard. If you do not know exactly where your ball ended up then you must take 3rd shot from the tee. Correct?
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