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Nope, used to buy them off lost golf balls, started buying them new at Golf Galaxy. Could be I'm hitting them wrong, don't know, but how could any incorrect hit impart as much energy as a tour swing? Doesn't seem logical, but I'll leave that to the 9.7HI experts. ;)But I do know that the cover ends up coming in spots off after a hole or two and the cracks appear after the next hole or two. If it even touches a cart path forget about it, instant trash ball. Don't know how...
My brother used to have a starter set of Nicklaus clubs. I liked then quite well for cheaper clubs.
Eh, grooves and chunks of mud get cleaned but if you cleaned the mud out of the sole of your club every time, you'd spend half your day cleaning. My home course stays soft.
Been thinking of adding a 60* to my bag. Let us know!
Cheap balls feel like crap and don't spin enough on half swing wedge shots for me. Premium balls crack and wear out too quickly because of the soft cover. For me it's a constant balance of those two factors, trying to find one that comfortably fits in the middle. I like Pro V1s but they're dead after a couple holes. I've had good experiences with some cheaper balls as well, and on the days I don't want to spend $4/ball I pick up Callaway Hex Warbirds. Great budget balls....
Well refrets occur every 5 years or so for an avid player. The best sign would be the lacquer used in the case of Fender, but I digress as this is getting off topic. :)
Tell them you will not tolerate their behavior and inform them that can choose to act right or be removed from the course via a Ranger. No need to sugar coat it for people who have proven themselves to be brash. Ask nice, ask twice.
North Carolina seems to be pretty golf oriented. Waiting to see where we fall into place.
That does seem odd. After the first ace on a par 4 it seems like the whole clubhouse would come out to watch the rest of his round.
I'm a member of the Les Paul and Fender forums, I never thought I'd hear about this "relic"ing nonsense outside of them! LOL Seriously, the guys that buy those guitars are the hedge fund salesmen hanging them over their desk and showing their buddies they're vast knowledge of 2 chord melodies. Real guitarists use, they don't abuse. I imagine the same is true for golfers.
New Posts  All Forums: