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The new ones look like they're a bit more my speed. Might have to try these things out.
You got a nice set of clubs there, use them. I'm definitely not good, but when I was learning to play as a kid we didn't even have these super game improvements clubs. You'll be fine if you have patience and will.
Legitimate question, what does being military or law enforcement have to do with anything? Both of those people would be off duty and therefore, regular citizens. Seems like you've started the debate off with the ideology that firearms are fine for military and police but bad for citizens. I guess your bias is too strong to overcome. I also second the concealed notion. Unless you're carrying a full size pistol in a belt holster, why would anyone ever know you have it? I...
Being paranoid? I suppose exercising your constitutional right of free speech is looked down upon as well. My point is, if you are judging someone for doing something that is totally legal, then you are the one with mental issues. Plain and simple. Please continue this discussion if you want to look more like a nazi.Some other funny and enlightening questions to ask:Who has lost more conflicts that they started than won?Who has an antiquated system of royalty but also...
If we're basing it off loft/length, 1-4 are long, 5-7 are mid, 8-PW are short. If we're basing it off of distance hit, they're all short irons for me. LOL
He sounds like he'd be good friends with Aaron Hernandez lol but seriously, carrying a gun is no big deal, in the south where I live anyway. It is a big deal to point it at someone for anything less than a life threatening situation, though. Sounds like the issue is this kid owning a gun in the first place. I carry a gun with me everyday and I've thankfully never had to unholster it, and I've met some pretty rude golfers. LOLBut, when you're coming down MLK past dark where...
Well I figured pink ones were less common and less likely to be refinished? Not sure if that's true just a theory. I do like pink, though. :)
Sure, I'll try to relocate the defective ones from my practice bucket.
I play with a guy quite often that out drives me by 30yd on average, I've lost to him once, tied another time, and beaten him more times than I can count. All his clubs go further than mine, but he's never able to hit the green in 2 from behind the trees. I might have a 180yd approach on longer holes but I've hit those enough to where I can leave my 5i somewhere near or on the green. Typically I fall a bit short, chip onto the green and 2 putt for a bogey. He typically...
Anthony got back to me within 1 business day and apologized for the bad experience and said a new dozen would be shipped out. Mistakes happen, I get that, but they handled it quickly and to my satisfaction. Knowing they take care of their customers, I will most likely order another few dozen, pink this time? LOL
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