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Agreed. There are traditionally good swings that will work for a majority of people and be taught by coaches/instructors, but back in the day swings were almost like finger prints. Just look at Lee Trevino.I think people are just plain good or bad at certain things. They can get better of course but natural talent is the biggest determining factor in my opinion. I've had several lessons and I'm still terrible. Never had a guitar lesson a day in my life and got an honorary...
People think Howard Stern is funny? That's the most shocked I've been since I saw Jenner's new appearance along-side his (her?) old voice.
That is one improvement but I also have The Golf Club and I think going too far down the realism road is a bad thing too, that game is so hard it's almost unplayable. I guess I liked the half way arcade feel of the old TWPGA games.
Don't know how many of you guys played the TW series of this game but I was gravely disappointed I'm the new Rory version. 90% of the features are gone and there's some stupid gimmick mode added for night golfing, which was also better on the last installment in 2014 (2013). Even if this game were free, I don't see myself playing it. Glad I tested it out before buying it, wouldn't want a $60 drink coaster.
I'd have a potato launcher with laser target acquisition for my driver and Rodney Dangerfield's putter from Caddy Shack. Would only need 2 "clubs". ;)
Sounds like someone in the scheduling department has an appointment with HR.
Like physics class, but less boring! :)
I was thinking the same thing. Obviously they haven't seen some of the cows we breed at the local buffets. LOL
Used to be in the same boat. I now just baby tap my driver, put it 220-240 in the fairway, and play my approach with a 8-5 iron (160-200yd). Went from double bogey average to bogey average from almost that one change. Once I figure out how to actually hit the thing I might break 80 a few more times! LOL
Who didn't see that coming? Was a horrible angle to record a swing in the first place.
New Posts  All Forums: