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I've seen quite a bit of love for this site but after my first order I'm quite disappointed. I ordered the 2014 1st grade balls. When I got them, 5 were logo over runs and 6 already had player markings, no big deal there, I'm not picky. Then I started looking closer. 3 balls had what I would consider substantial cart path damage. Definitely too much to consider putting with them so I put them aside as practice balls for the back yard, where my other cart path balls...
Yes I saw your post about other Donald Ross courses in the area and I'm certainly going to check those out as well, but I'm honest enough with myself to know another trip to Pinehurst is in store, but to be honest, my desire to play the restored #2 is minimal, except for the historic aspects of competitive golf. Thanks for the help Dave!
To Dave, I've heard from many players that #4 is their favorite course. The current walk on rate for #4 is $240. Would you agree? Planning another trip down there soon.
I'd like to try some True shoes but I've been loving my current set of Dry Joy Tours.
Whenever I buy new pants they always feel tight at the thighs but I guess they stretch because they become comfortable after a short while of wearing them. I don't guess this applies to the OP?
I've heard that the G30 is the beez-neez but I've yet to try one myself. I find them used for around $200.
I never see new Mizuno forged irons in a retail setting for less than $1k?
Man was that place amazing, I miss it already! Definitely a different caliber of golf down there at Pinehurst and people so kind it even amazed me, a native North Carolinian. Of course I'll have to get all my Payne Stewart poses uploaded next. Thanks guys. :)
First time playing here and I'm glad I get to start with #1 on a beautiful Saturday morning. I can't wait. My experience will be much better than my score. Tee time is 11:12 but I'm about to head out early and check out the practice facility. Many pictures to come. :)
That driver looks really nice, but I don't think I'd like that much offset in the irons.
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