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Haven't seen Interstellar yet, but heard good things.  Might actually pay to see this one in the movie theatre.
glad to know i'm not alone!  haha.  maybe it was my doppleganger though because I haven't played in NJ this year.  haha.
That monster bacon burger may be the most glorious thing I've ever seen.  Bah!  Now I'm hungry.  Off to the store to buy half a pig's worth of back and a loaf of bread to try and recreate that masterpiece.  It shall be done!
^^ lol. now that's a hit.  haha.  the good old days.  now, it's a wonder that people don't just run down on the field "asking" to get hit, so they can sue the player or the league.  
I drive and do everything with my right (my dominant hand), EXCEPT for putting.  weird, I know!  for some reason, it feels unnatural for me to put right-handed, which is obviously necessary sometimes.  i wonder why though.  the only other sport/game that I use my left hand is pool/billiards.  
new here too!  signed up a little while ago, but it's taken a minute to find my way back.  excited to see what's going on in the community!
I'm a newb here on the forums.  Glad to be on board!
New Posts  All Forums: