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Just bought a Cobra Bio Cell off Ebay new for $129
On call 24/7, In cart ringer on. My group doesn't mind.
I have owned one for over a year now. Best belt I have ever worn.
Will admit I have not read all of this delightful thread. But the question I keep asking myself is, Who took all those pics of  Amanda ? they are not selfies. Don't think all of the blame is on her. ( just talkin about the pics, and the pics only )
http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/the-problem-with-pot/ar-BBhBODn States where pot is legal have a higher rate of use by kids ?? come on can't be true Extended use lowers your IQ ? .............................. Explains a lot
Ordered the one in link above, 48" X 60" Don't have a net, so will only be able to chip, but will give report when weather breaks.
After some reading, looks like the monster mat will be better for iron practice
Starting to think I may have been wrong here ! After the last two years of bowl games, you will never hear me talk about SEC dominance, I have poured out my kool-aid.Guess little nickie can't walk on water after all. @saevel25, Good game, good luck in NC game.
They were finally exposed.
The monster mat looks good also, Thanks
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