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Your a non golfer if you don't offer to let faster players play through.
That is the me,me,me,me,me, society we live in today. Had to be some one else's fault, couldn't be that I'm just not a good worker.Neither of the shootings that happened this week were mass shootings. First one, two people were killed, second, one person was killed.But you can spin it any way you want.
She only cut one persons head off................................................ Bwahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!
The shooter was a CEO of a company. And a reserve deputy. The attacker was not a lady, don't see where that matters anyhow.What does qualify ? I bet it has to be very specific.It qualifies for me, bravo! to the armed citizen for stepping in and preventing more bloodshed.
You have nowhttp://news.msn.com/crime-justice/police-woman-beheaded-at-oklahoma-workplace
Well, to start with this was not a 2nd amendment debate. I was stating facts about two tragic shooting that took place very close to me. Never said you were on the opposite side. If you think the subject matter is silly, you don't have to comment you can just change the channel.
If guns were made illegal today you think no one would have a gun ? Criminals don't obey laws. It would only take guns away from honest people.I see your tin foil hat and raise you my bullet proof vest.
Or we could just start checking with you for approval for thread subjects. You can support the right to do drugs, I'll support the right to carry.
Not to sound harsh, but I think your argument is bunk. One thing for sure, if no private citizen IS carrying, you will never see one of these stopped. If someone walks into my office with a gun, the only way I have NO chance is if I am unarmed. Protection is the #1 reason for carrying. Like I said, if someone chooses to stick their head in the sand and not admit there are bad people in this world, that is your choice. I choose differently.
New Posts  All Forums: