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I like playing in scrambles. I try hard as hell to win every one I play in. When I play in a charity scramble, I look at it as I am making a donation and getting to play golf. The object is for the charity to make as much money as possible, selling mulligans, string etc. I have never won one of these. I have won closest to the pin and longest drive. When my golfing group chooses up teams and plays a scramble you better believe it's a competition, We play for money and are...
For target practice and plinking, I would look at a 22lr. But I would go with an automatic not a revolver. But Taurus makes an excellent revolver if thats what you are set on.
I was in the union for 20 years, have been in management for 6 years. Unions are an excuse for an average of 50% of the work force to be slackers.Union members have a gang mentality, I know because I was in it for so long. Unions had a place looooooonnng ago, not needed now. Unions do the most for those that do the least. Without the company to work for, the union is NOTHING.
Now thats funny right there
I for one damn well hope so
Did he say gun sale ?
Thats why I quit. Are you the one in the dress ?
Uh, you just changed your argument. Before it was if drugs were legal, now it is if the manufacturing and selling were legal. Smart on your part because you realize that alcohol is legal, but there are still arrests for it's ILLEGAL manufacture and distribution. I don't think if drugs are legalized individuals will be allowed to manufacture and distribute drugs, BUT THEY WILLBut your whole point is moot with me because using alcohol to justify legalizing drugs is ridiculous
Well if you count all these it is not even close. The dark side of drugs FAR outweighs the dark side of alcohol. But I am not a champion for alcohol either. All of what you don't count are the special exceptions. Remember you said adverse effects.what you choose not to count ARE adverse effects. On fair terms is right now ! not, well if drugs were legal this wouldn't happen or that wouldn't happen. You don't know what would happen.Your argument is based on pure conjecture.
Oh, didn't know you were just making up the rules. I would count ALL adverse effects as adverse effects. And by doing so, your statement is untrue.You count all adverse effects of alcohol but not of drugs....................Yeah right. The only way you can back your argument about drugs is to make special exceptions.So there right back at you.
New Posts  All Forums: