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I would play it, cause I don't think I've ever hit a bad shot off one of those turf mats at the range. They always make me look good !
This is simply not true. I gave my stance on concealed carry in a thread where that was the topic. I gave my stance on legalizing drugs in a thread where that was the topic or had been discussed. I made a joke in this thread and the joke contained the word EBOLA. You and others seem to have a problem with my opinion and me in general. But I won't stand by and let posters tell untruths about me and attack me because they disagree with me. I have asked several times what it...
The following is in no certain order1. I believe in the right to keep and bear arms2. I am against legalizing ANY mind altering drug for recreational use3. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman4. I care more about humans than animals5. I am pro life6. I don't think the government can do a good job running anything7. I believe EVERYONE has a right to their opinion, even when it is different from mine Yes on THIS site that makes me an EXTREMIST
Et too Earnest ?  Would you care to explain ?I think I rubbed some the wrong way in past posts. Think I DID atone for that. If you still can't let it go ? Not my problemAnyone else ? Please lets go ahead and get this took care of now. Cause if some of you keep holdin on to this your heads are going to explode.
Can you please explain exactly what behavior you are talking about ? Because I disagreed with you ? You need to get a life and let disagreements in OLD threads go.Just because you say it doesn't make it so
Everyone else has too. Another jab from a moderator ? I'm on a roll. Please note, the moderator brought up politics after he chastised me for doing so.As I said, OK for some not for others, typicalAnd could you tell me just how many times I brought up politics in this thread ??????I just used the dreaded "L" word, and got some panties in a wad 
Damn, I thought we were against this thread turning political
See, it must be a flaw in my character, cause that's funny
I have slowly figured that out
This has been my point exactly 
New Posts  All Forums: