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I was using a Gillette mach 3. The four blade DSC razor gives me a better shave.
But then you would be bringing fists to a gun fight
Really getting  don't you think ?
Fixed it
You called my six pack analogy silly, and now your talkin about pacemakers. lol
Yep, my bad, saw that too late after I posted.  Was never big on reading the instructions lol. Well then the beer is LOADED too !
Exactly, for the beer to be dangerous the person would have to drink it. For the gun to be dangerous the person would have to use it. Neither is dangerous if it just sits there. Hope that makes my point more understandable. I don't care if it takes longer to drink the beer, the person might have to stop and buy bullets for the gun. No one ever said the gun was loaded ? I don't want to be riding in the car with anyone drinking ANY amount.
It is brand new, never hit. Maybe next to the colored balls make it look that way ? Or bad photography ?
The Volvik green ball is much brighter green than in the picture
New Posts  All Forums: