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Same here
On the long shot someone offers you a free one........................ can I have it ?got a driver thanksĀ 
100% polyester, only way to go on golf attire. Cool and comfortable. Funny in my younger days I didn't want to wear nuttin made out of polyester.
I find my sculls are caused by me raising my head.
just big enough to cover a logo
If this spot doesn't bother you you can't beat the price of these balls. The more you buy the cheaper they are. Two kinds to choose from. I have played with these and they are 100% new balls. Spot doesn't bother me at all, no different than a logo. Got three buddy's to go in and we ordered 24 dozen Prov's. just thought I would pass this deal on. http://www.carlsgolfland.com/shop/balls/
A local course I play has a power line that crosses one fairway. Line was there when the course was built and they built around it. On my second shot going into the green my ball struck the line and was deflected, my playing partner said drop another ball and hit again. Long story short, I hit the power line THREE times ! third dropped ball missed power line and landed on green. Was this the correct play ? If this is a stupid question, please be gentle
the last two times we played our scramble I won $3 and lost $2. We throw in closest to the pin on par 3's and $2 for birdies. we are pretty even playing this way, but you would think to see us playing we were playing for thousands of dollars. Nothing like a good group to play with.
My regular foursome is composed of two groups of two when it comes too skill level. What we are equal on is our desire to play, competitive nature, and we love to gamble, no high stakes dollar a hole. Every other time or every third time we play we divide up and play a scramble. we find it very enjoyable and the two higher handicaps don't get as discouraged on a bad shot if their partner makes a decent one. Not for everyone but works for us, and definitely speeds up our...
I stand by my statement.The title is not what do you think is the stupidest rule in golf AND what would you do to change it. Also you told him his answer was counter productive, his answer was what the OP asked for that's all I'm saying. Sometimes what is typed is taken totally the wrong way maybe that was the case here
New Posts  All Forums: