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Actually watched this last week and have been trying this. It has helped. I think not getting weight forward is part of my problem also.Thanks for the help.
Played 18 yesterday. Slowed driver swing down  trying to concentrate on making good solid contact. Oddly drives went just as far as when I swing my fastest. Did not top any with driver, but still raising my body up with my irons some. Topped 3 out of 5 from tee box on the par threes, and half a dozen from fairways. My mind wants to hit the ball with the club, my body wants too dunk it. Hit a bag of balls at the range before my round, don't think I raised up once.
Almost never any problems on the range. Started to state that, but thought it would sound dumb
Don't know what to call it, I am pulling up with my upper body on the down swing right before I hit the ball. It is really bad on the tee box, topping about 4 out of 10 drives.
This is exactly what I am doing
I am sure not to proud too swing a little easier, Thanks !
Started back playing a little over a year ago after a 10 year rest. Was playing the best golf of my life until about 6 weeks ago. Now I can't keep my head down, jerking up on almost every shot. I know the problem is 100% between my ears, but does anyone have any pointers to help combat this ??? Thanks
This and what some people think is funny, others do not
Sometimes I guess it depends on who is doing the teasing and who is getting teased. Been there done thatAs has been said many times, typed statements get taken totally wrong sometimes. Really hope I am wrong and this is not the case here.
physics says you're lying, because it didn't happen.The above and a few more could have been taken the wrong way. Don't think it was intended to be harsh at all, he even said it's not us. Also don't think anyone else in this thread meant any harm.Maybe this has nothing to do with why he hasn't been around, he may be spending all his free time hackin a golf club in the lake  Gave my two cents that's all
New Posts  All Forums: