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The sand trap sucks........everybody go to golfWRX Ban me for life Isacs
I haven't checked eBay. I'm kinda Leary of buying from eBay....my poor mans firefighter salary can't afford to buy a counterfeit set or anything haha. But seriously I'll check out eBay and see what I can find. I've also been looking at global golf I believe is the name of it. Anybody have any experience with those folks?
Mine are the ones on the left. I thought the o-sized were orange and said o-sized on them. Regardless, I think these could possibly be the best irons I've ever hit. ( obviously that's my opinion. Yours may vary) I don't know what it is about them but I can just about make the ball do whatever I want it to. I've never hit the i20. I've looked at them several times thought and I like the way they look. I just need to find some with the CFS shafts to try out and see how I...
Did you like the CFS shafts? I've heard mixed reviews on them. I really like the smaller slimline look of the I series but I want something that works. I don't too much care what they look like
I have the i3 "plus" it has + behind the i3. My dad has the g10's I believe and nice hit them a few times on occasion and seem to hit them pretty good. I like the look of the I series better as they aren't as big but I want something that works for me too. I'm currently looking at the i20
Ive got Ping i3 plus irons right now. Black dot everything is standard. Im going to be playing some tournaments later on this year and pretty much all of next year. I know that the i3 irons are non conforming so my question is which Ping iron set that is conforming would be most comparable to my current i3's? For whatever reason I love these clubs and the way they feel. If I could some how get my set refaced and remilled and grooved to conforming grooves I would that's...
I think I'm just going to hold off and play them like they are for now. I think I'm gonna save up for a newer set in the meantime . I appreciate all y'all's help and replies
Ok, I've decided after hitting several different brands of cavity back irons that I am just going to keep my mp-33's. I didn't hit any of the others any better and didn't particularly care for the feel. So, I've got a new question. Would I benefit from having the mp-33's custom fit? Meaning length lie and loft?
I appreciate all of y'all's responses. I'm still not 100% sure what I'm going to do just yet. Like I said I like the mizunos but I want to do whatever is going to help my game both score wise and enjoyment. I have switched back and forth between the mp-33's and some ping i3 plus irons I had. I have a friend that owns a driving range and is a fitter for callaway and a few other brands as well as used clubs so I'm going to go try to hit a few cavity back irons and just...
I'm not really sure what that grading system is. I'm going to look it up. I assume it pretty much says that the higher the number the more forgiveness and such? I'm not sure what to do. I know the mp-33's are great clubs but like I said I don't want to sell myself short with the 33's when I could be scoring better with one of the other 2 sets. I can get either of the other sets for relatively cheap
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