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Sorry to go off topic but is Faldo swinging two plane? to the Poster, im 6'5 and i find when i thin it, its because so trying to focus on a good posture and im focsuing too hard, causing tension. When i try swinging like this i end up comming up and out of the correct posture. Might be worth trying to relax a little bit as you could be trying too hard!
It be great if you could get your swing up, to me it sounds like your conflicting 1 plane and two plane together. I know its not much help, but if you get the vid up some one will sort it :)
When i had this problem im either way to flat or, i hang back and flip my hands. Thing is it never felt like i was! I got the club up more, up to the point where it was a sure thing i was going to hit a fade/slice. I worked back from there. Thing was, i was hitting hooks and at worst, the ball was comming backwards they were that bad! With a Fade, you know roughly how the ball was going to go so atleast you can keep it on the fairway by aiming to the right a...
My thoughts aswell, also done it myself in the past. When it happens to me, on my next short with a short iron i try and focus on my practice swing comming from the inside. Seems to sort it out most of the time
Trouble in the UK with the clocks going back its normally too dark to play 4:30pm. So its either early start in the morning for 9 holes before work. Or, early weekend days! Here in Wales, its wet alot. So 90% of winter will be played wearing wet/wind suit :) and temps around 0°C-8°C / 32F-50F
110-114 Distance normally around 240-270. Have hit over 300 but thats down to luck and trying to demolish the ball. Currently not striking the ball correctly as i have a low ball flight, once i get that sorted im hoping i can get that 250-270 more to 265-275 Iron Speed 93-95
To be honest mate, after reading that i think you should book 1 or 2 lessons and get a Pro to take a look at you. Your getting conflicting information which is confusing you even more. I dont think i have ever read anything that said you should have a closed face at setup, A) its going to hinder your release and B) its either going to go straight and left, and left and very left.
Nothing better then feeling the ball pounce off the centre of the club and hearing the ball fizzing through the air!
I enjoy being outdoors and when you hit the ball sweet it makes it all worth while. Also, im still improving and i want to keep improving so i keep going back for more :)
http://www.dewstow.com/ "The Park Course has what we believe to be the only Par 6 Hole in play in the U.K.. The 13th Hole (Forestry) can now be played as the existing Par 5 or from the New Tee. A Monster 690 yd Par 6"
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