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I think as long as the ball goes where the golfer intends for it to go, it matters little how many (little) swing flaws a golfer might have. There are some pretty good golfers (score wise)  out there with some ugly swings. 
I played on a course the other day that had a left over, 2' diameter circle made out of chalk dust around the pin. I asked about it. It was for a previous tournament, where if the ball finished inside the circle, that was considered a hole out. To me this idea seemed much more effective than another, larger hole, some where else on the green.    As posted above I too think most strokes are lost before getting on the green. When used correctly, the "equitable stroke...
Perhaps he wants to be someone's next swing guru. It's a big stretch, but it would not be surprising. A swing coach who also carries the bag is doable. Not likely imho as I too also believe he is headed for semi retirement. 
Dirty Harry's "A man's got to know his limitations" seems to go well with the game of golf. 
Is Woody using two putters or three? 
What Rory said is pretty much true. The old cliche "the older I get, the better I was" rings true for everyone at some point. Rory was asked a question, and gave an honest answer that may have put him in a no win situation. Perhaps he could have answered the question with a little more tact, but it's over and done with.    Of course the media saw an opening, and ran with it. They are the villains in this story article imho. . 
I knew two guys who were pretty good golfers. One was true scratch player on any course he played, and the other was a 2 hdcp. Both of them had the same goal which was to play in the US Open. For one reason or another neither made it to the USO. After 10 years of playing, superb golf, they just up and quit, and took up tournament bass fishing. Pretty sure it was not frustration, but just knowing they had done the best they could, and just did not make the cuts. They simply...
Fewer releases per time frame would/should lead to more time spent on R&D in between those releases. Then again, perhaps with today's releases, the  R&D was completed a few years ago, with today's R&D being applied in a few more years.    Golfers seem to be a gullible bunch, and the manufacturers know this.     I read an article that several groups of golfers, with different handicaps, were given the chance to test two drivers. One club sent the ball a mile, but was...
I voted acceptable. I live out in the desert with the nearest provider some 30+ miles a way via phone land line    Ping--29 ms, DL--6.30 Mbps, and UL--0.76 Mbps   Yeah it's slow, but adequate. I tried DISH satellite service for a while, but it was not worth the price. It was not consistent enough. I pay $30 a month for this service which also includes my regular phone bill.  It runs my ROKU, and Magic Jack set ups easily. 
I think it's ok to complain about something while still giving it your all to the end result. The recreational golfer can not even begin to know what it's like to play 16, highly competitive rounds in a 4 week period. This, while adding in the travel, and practice rounds. Probably some family issues thrown in there too.   I am not a fan of the Fed-Ex finals, but it is what it is. The players don't have to play in it if they don't want too. I remember when the topic of...
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