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Before I realized the benefits of being fitted I tested a putter using this technique.  I would use my own game ball to get a feel for how the ball came off the face. Some putters felt better than others.    Next I would hit balls off both ends of the putter face. I wanted to know how much twisting might take place on miss hits. Some putters don't twist as much as others.    If the feel was good, and there was not much twisting going on, then I would find where the...
I don't know, with any certainty, exactly what the 5SKs are. I do have an idea what they might be, but  I never bothered to look them up.  However, I am going to assume that anyone who plays most of their rounds in 80s has at leas 2, or 3 of the 5 keys, rather they know them or not.   As for enjoying the game, I could shoot a 100 and still enjoy playing just as much as when I break 80. Everytime I go out to play, I can usually find myself with a shot that is new to me. I...
I can say yes because I am more consistent as long as I play comletely right handed. There are a few occasional glitches, but the majority of those show up while playing a new, or unfamiliar course. Do I think it will be better in 6 more months?  No, not really. My game is what it is. I suppose if I only played from the shorter tees I could score a bit better.   We played from the tips at Coyote Springs the other day.  7200+/- yards, Shot a 88, with my short distance...
I always thought he was a bit to arrogant at times. Didn't listen to him much. When he left the local Vegas market, it was no big deal. He will find something else. 
Yes, if I miss the green in regulation, then of course I did something wrong with either my tee shot, and/or approach shot. Like a lot of other golfers, that's the type of game I play, on some holes. All my short game handicap tells me is how well my recovery game is working, for the greens I miss in regulation. When I get a GIR, on a hole, then that hole does not factor into my SGH, even though it effects my overall score for 18 holes. It's not a foolproof method, but...
It's been quite a while, but I have hit some hooks that got up into a right to left  wind that went completely off the course and on to the roof of a house. The house was across the street from house's back yard that was bordered the fairway.  Since the back yard, nearest the fairway had a pool, we declared it a lateral hazard, dropped, and played on.  
Anything with a collar, and is acceptable to the course I am playing at.  Brand names are not a big deal for me. 
My best guess is it depends on how deep the scratches are, and what material the shaft is made from. If they are just surface scratches, then I would say probably not, during normal use of the club. If it's a graphite, or similar material shaft, then the shaft might be suspect. Metal shaft not so much.  
Would those scratches look a shop vice might have been used to fix the ferrule?  Pliers? Vice grips? 
Lots of great shots, but only one ace when playing alone. I am especially lucky with longer chip/pitch shots. 
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