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Paying a cart fee for a non playing rider is pretty common. My wife will ride with me sometimes and we have always paid extra (?)  for her to ride along. I have yet to find a course who does not charge for a non playing rider. I have heard every excuse in they can think up for charging for a rider. The most common one is it's liability issue, should the non playing rider becomes injured, while on the course's property.    Some course we have been to won't even let a...
I Chi Chi's sword dance out of the three. It was not spontaneous, but original. 
Any thoughts on what golf might be like in a 100 years? 200 years? Will we still playing out doors, or indoors on very realistic simulators? My guess is those future golfers will be playing 18 hole rounds in their living rooms via holodecks.    What might futuristic clubs look like?  How about one club doing it all? Just turn a dial to the distance needed, and let it rip. Probably, because there is already a one club, crude version now available.     Hi-Tec,...
People who can, know when it's their time retire. Oosterhuis has been one of the better golf commentators over the years. One of my favorites anyways. Best wishes to him, and his new journey.
I think it all boils down to comfort. No driver, by itself goes farther than another club, and no driver is any more accurate than another. The golfer himself controls distance and accuracy.   All my metal woods were built to my specs, using components. They are mongrels, not purebreds. Nothing high dollar about them. They are very comfortable for me to swing. I think the more comfortable a driver is to the end user, the faster that user will swing that club. The faster...
Yeah, I have done that too. There is hole at Furnace Creek GC that while standing on the tee box you see a green some 250 yards a way. There is also a manicured fairway most of the way there.  So, you take aim and fire for the green, only to find out the real green is a sharp dogleg right. 
First thing that come to my mind that I was temporary idiot was looking at a easy 9i shot. I grab my club, take a nice easy swing, great ball contact, and then watch the ball travel directly on line, and over the flag, an extra 40 yards past the flag. I had grabbed a 6i instead. I have probably made this mistake 3 times in the past 40 years. 
Looks like something a person could make at home for under $10.  A pair of scissors, some card/poster board, a spring clip, and some baling wire. You are good to go.     I don't see me spending $30 for this gizmo. 
Only golf item I am going to up grade this year is my handicap. 
I might ask how do you hit the ball when you, and the instructor are together, in lesson mode? Do you hit the ball better when you are with him, and worse when you are on your own? If you are worse when on your own, then for what ever reason, you are leaving his teachings at his practice area.    A new instructor could put a different spin on the same teachings you are getting now, which you would understand better. More understanding "might" mean you could take what is...
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