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One of the better Masters I have watched. Had everything a golf fan needed. Jordan Spieth did a great job over the 4 days, and will be a great representative of this major for the next 12 months. 
I went with Woody. He seems to have the better game right now. 
I will probably not reach 1K anytime soon since I will be moving, and will be shutting down my current internet connection. On the up side, I will only be 10 minutes from a pretty nice golf course.    10K is something to be proud of. Congrats.  
Yes, I would have to agree that the game of  golf deserves a thank you from those who have played the game long enough to get something good out of it. I know I have had some great times while playing the game. I have used the game for fun, family get togethers, business, and just killing 3-5 hours.    I suppose if I were to thank any persons, it would have be those folks who I played the game with when I was first starting out. Knowing what I know now, they put up with...
I don't know if they are the best, but their customer service after the sale is pretty darn good. I have not purchased anything from them in a few years, but when I was shopping on the internet, they had the best service, and prices. Shipping was usually free, including drop shipments.   http://www.golfusamanhattan.com/
If anything they should keep the field as small as possible. It's a major. Open it up to 100+ players would take away from it's value as a major.    If I had my way, I would decrease the number of players in all the regular tournaments. I would let the top 50 ranked players in the field, and the other 50 would come from a Monday/Tuesday qualifier, plus ties. This would make for a more competitive value for spectators, and TV audience. 150 is just too many. 
I decided early on, that I would basically learn as much about this game as I could by trial and error. I knew this would be some what a long journey, but I was in no hurry. I knew from the start that golf was a tough game to play well. My first few instructors I went to were not very good. One even relocated to Vegas from Jupiter, Florida where he was supposed to have been a big time swing coach to some PGA pros. His move was prompted by the different weather conditions...
When they are too old to compete any longer would be my best guess. Sure, the older guys should be at the Masters, since they are part of it's history. There is a lot going on during Masters week, and they could mix, and mingle quite well in a non tournament atmosphere.    If you know you can't compete, in any pro tournament, you shouldn't take the spot of one who can. It matters little how old, or young the player is. 
Although I do own a pair of soft spikes, I very seldom ever wear them even when I am on the course. I only wear them when it wet, muddy, or frost on the turf. I do just fine with a good , comfortable pair of walking shoes. 
It's just Watson's turn in that particular "not well liked"  barrel. Several players have preceded him holding that honor. Figjam, Sabbs, and even Woody have been not well liked by some of their pro golf buddies.     From some of the stuff I have seen, and read, not being liked by some of his fellow PGAers, is not something he needs to worry about. Some of them will probably win the  next survey, and wind up in the same barrel. I did like his retort to the issue.    At...
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