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I think this is a pretty fair statement by Norman.   http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/golf-devil-ball-golf/greg-norman---certain-players---would-rather-be-a-sheep-031104998-golf.html
Nothing wrong with a father standing up for his children. I have no problem with how Shilling handled the matter. Been there, done that myself. The bad guys got what they deserved.
For your entertainment pleasure. If I ever move back to our home in Vegas, I am going to build one of these.    http://ar.sfglobe.com/2015/02/27/pub-sheds-are-a-growing-trend-worth-seeing/?src=share_fb_new_35958
I have always used Borax, and a Magic Eraser on my clubs. I use the Magic Eraser after each swing, even during practice to clean the club face. It's part of my post shot routine. I use the Borax when i want to give my clubs a really good cleaning, including the grips. I just have to make sure I rinse them off really...
Here's some more stuff about this topic, what ever it's worth;   http://www.cbssports.com/golf/eye-on-golf/25088924/six-things-you-need-to-know-about-the-alleged-tiger-woods-suspension?FTAG=YHF7e3228e
I have always been one to dismiss most peoples' positive opinions, who are getting paid for those positive opinions, by the company asking for those positive opinions. I always thought it was better to do a little personal home work before purchasing anything.   PGA pros get paid for their opinions, and the brand of clubs they use. Because of that, I don't trust them. If Callaway doubled what Nike is paying Woody, he'd probably be playing Callaways I suspect.       I...
Back when I was charting my games played, (40 years ago?)  looking for weak spots, I made up my own score card. It had 100 lines on it, 25 in each quadrant of the paper I printed it out on. Once folded, it was about the size of a regular score card. There were no numbered holes, or pars on the card. Just lines, numbered 1-100. The lines represented each stroke, and/or putt I took for the 18 holes. No, I never used all 100 lines. Mostly I was using 76-82 lines.    The way...
I'd like for Olsen to tell us who his  "strong witness" and "credible" source is. He should have just came out and said he lied about all this. 
I am waiting for Woody's lawyers to huddle up, and offer a law suit against Olsen for slander. If they don't, does that  say anything about Olsen's credibility? False accusations, in the past, have been a big deal with Woody, and his handlers. It's not likely Woody's camp would let something like this go on with out some sort of retraction.    BTW McCartney didn't die in 1966. He just change his name to Timmy Finchem.  They even made a song about him called "Timothy" by...
I googled her, since I don't watch the GC. She'll do. 
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