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I appreciate it. That was intended in an "are you listening?" kind of way. I'll watch it.
Its certainly your right to ban guns from your property. Believe me or don't, it happened. I didnt go looking for trouble, it came and found me. I asked the question who else carries, not who agrees with it. And it would have been just fine without getting unwarranted "advice" from people that have never met me on how I should conduct myself, considering that none of my hypothetical actions would have been illegal or unjustified.
What part of grabbed a golf club (you know the 4 foot long metal sticks we swing at 80+ MPH?) and started coming towards me screaming an yelling at the top of his lungs, did you not understand?
Worst round so far this year and it was a doosie. 96 on a course that isnt really that difficult. Couldnt find the correct angle of my downswing and my toe hits came back in force. Killed me big time.
Man if i ever get away from work and get time for a vacation, i'll probably head up to Ouray and try to get some fly fishing and golf in. I'll hit you up.
It feels wrong and lame to do, but its the right choice. On the course i played the other day, the trees are fairly short so it can kind of trick you into thinking its no biggie to go over a bunch of them if you go wide with your tee shot. The one time i tried it, it backfired. I punched out the other 2 ( maybe it was 3 more) times and stopped the bleeding at bogey on each.
I think the word you're looking for is "preemptive". Nowhere in here have i said i would immediately draw and empty a mag on the guy. That would be a pretty dumbass thing to do. The guy keeps on coming after i've drawn down and told him to stop? Doesnt leave me much choice in my mind.
Then so be it. Maybe I'll sell my clubs and start getting a bug out bag and new AR together. Heck with all the money i'll save on golf, in a few years I'll be able to get an M82A1 and tax stamps for some really high speed stuff. I wonder if I can get a good deal on concrete for my bunker if i buy in bulk... :)
I think thats a smart strategy for breaking 100. Always account for your misses, play to the safest spot, and take your medicine. The other day I had to punch out 3 times, had 0 up and downs and only hit 4 or 5 fairways, about 4 or 5 three putts, and still somehow managed an 82. No lost balls and playing it safe on every shot let me just focus on hitting the green and getting 2 putts. Really not trying to brag, just making a point that if you manage your misses and take...
New Posts  All Forums: