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I was B-FIt for Bridgestone Tour B330-RX golf balls - Jordan Spieth -5 - Hunter Mahan - 13 - Pablo Larrazabal -14
It's been awhile   Progress? Regression? What should my key piece be for right now? Thanks
I want outrageous speed with a Callaway XR Driver!  Rory McIlroy -9 Matt Every - 9 Tommy Gainey - 9
  Been spending some time in the mirror and video. I think I am making some decent progress. It still looks like there is some head movement off the ball at the top of the backswing and some forward head movement at the start of the downswing, I'm having a very difficult time reducing this lateral movement anymore. In trying to keep my head steady it appears I've reduced my shoulder rotation and hip rotation some as well, do I need to add back some rotation to...
It's been awhile, so cold outside, my indoor setup is a little crowded but better than nothing I guess. Question, are my hips too forward or is this a good amount?
thanks guys for all the helpful feedback. I usually don't hit so fast(always do a practice swing too), but I was hitting so well compared to lately that I got over excited (maybe subconsciously I was trying to ingrain the feeling quickly, with fear I might lose it). I've read the 5s's post a few times, I'll keep it in mind.
Felt like I made a major breakthrough this last trip to the range. My main swing thought was shallow shoulder angle and hips forward and I felt like that gave me a totally different swing plane and I was really hitting well for me. However looking at the tape I am less excited, sure it felt better but I'm not sure if I'm moving the right way, looks like my head moves a ton, spine still not angled to the right, right leg still really straight
had a half dozen times on the range to work on things, having serious shank issues the last couple outings, fat shots, pushes, mishits, with rarely any good hits.      
Thanks for the in depth analysis, now i know why my swing was killing my back! it's going to take me awhile to adjust,I think I've been holding my right arm too straight for awhile, will update after a couple more trips to the range.
Ok re-uploaded everything to youtube, here is my second try
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