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The question isn't what the club has the right to do, it is what it ought to do. The R&A, as a club, no longer governs the game here, it devolved that responsibility to a separate company some years ago. But it retains a symbolic status as the custodian of the history and ethos of the game. As such, what it chooses to do matters, in setting a tone and influencing public perception of golf and the way it is run. That being the case, it is ludicrous that at a time when the...
Creeping down. I'm impatient, but I have to remind myself that I only came back to the game in January after 6 years off, and Back in the day I was only an occasional golfer anyway. Plus I'm old. Started the year with some lessons and playing as much as I could, which earned me a handicap of 18.0. Playing more or less to that for a few months, with some ups and downs. Now a couple of decent scores have me to 16.2. More importantly, if I don't break 90 I'm a bit...
I've had an interesting time this past month. At the end of July I went to Scotland with some friends to play some great links courses, some of them famous, some less so. I played twelve straight days, did OK, felt by the end that I was in a pretty good rhythm. Came back to my home course and for a week or so I had never hit the ball better. In particular, I was driving the ball well. Then, for a fortnight, I simply couldn't hit the ball at all. I was standing over it...
83 on a reasonably testing par 70 parkland course. Given that this included a triple bogey and a double bogey, for most of the round this was pretty much the best golf I've ever played. Progressing, slowly...
Rats. Looks like McIlroy again.
Ilonen is tied for fourth with McIroy, but as far as the TV coverage is concerned he may as well have stayed at home.
Really? He's one of the most intelligent golfers out there, doesn't suffer fools (which means he gives the interviewers a hard time when they ask dumb questions), he has adry sense of humour, and he can play. What's not to like? Go, Henrik.
I'm liking Stenson's chances here. Nothing wrong with his nerves.
McIlroy starting to show signs of frailty. Still vulnerable when things don't go his way, imo.
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