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Rats. Looks like McIlroy again.
Ilonen is tied for fourth with McIroy, but as far as the TV coverage is concerned he may as well have stayed at home.
Really? He's one of the most intelligent golfers out there, doesn't suffer fools (which means he gives the interviewers a hard time when they ask dumb questions), he has adry sense of humour, and he can play. What's not to like? Go, Henrik.
I'm liking Stenson's chances here. Nothing wrong with his nerves.
McIlroy starting to show signs of frailty. Still vulnerable when things don't go his way, imo.
Ernie Els playing like he used to. He has momentum...
Conditions truly atrocious at Valhalla, I'm guessing play will be suspended shortly.
Westwood goes bogey, bogey. You can see the confidence draining out of him.
Give the boy time. There's a few more wayward drives to come yet.
New Posts  All Forums: