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Quite an achievement, the standard of play was very high. He's clearly an improving player. It would be nice if the Anglo-Saxon commentators would bother to learn how to pronounce his surname, though.
I've been in management and leadership positions for quite a lot of my life. It's almost never a good idea to be aloof and dictatorial - if that's what Watson was - but it's equally foolish to imagine that a formula that has worked in one set of circumstances with one group of people is "the answer" and should be adopted by evreryone, all the time. That's the problem with this rush to embrace Azinger's "pod" system. It may have worked out well, and Mickelson clearly liked...
True, but yellow is even better. And don't forget to rub raw spinach into your forearms an hour before tee-time.
I don't disagree that Europe has the stronger team. But it's interesting to me that they seem to be much stronger in matchplay than they would be week-to-week on the PGA tour. Not sure why that is, but watching Westwood, for example, he appears to be utterly confident in this format despite having ahd a relatively poor year in tournament play.
Faldo was never going to be a good captain. Great golfer, but absolutely not a natural leader of men. And of course, many of the players on his team had hated his guts for years because of his single-minded (some would say bloody-minded) self-absorption while he was beating the crap out of them on the European tour and in the majors. With all that baggage to carry, he'd have been in trouble even had he been a tactical genius - which he wasn't.
The McDowell/Dubuisson pair were immaculate, to rifle in birdie after birdie playing foursomes is really something. Westwood/Donaldson not that far behind. The rest was pretty close, though McIlroy and Garcia were certainly better today than yesterday.
I play with some low single-digit handicappers from time to time. Actually I'm not all that impressed with their ball striking, what I'm impressed by is their consistency and course management. Not always on the green in regulation, but if they miss it isn't by much, and they can chip. Good out of the sand. Putting unspectacular but solid, three-putts very uncommon indeed. Not all especially long hitters, and certainly not all able to 'work' the ball at will, but play...
 That's the first time I have ever heard anyone say they like to play alone so they could play slower. Dangerous tactics hereabouts. Lone players have no status on the course, so if they hold up play they are obliged to let the people behind play through.  In my experience, being a "seasoned golfer" seems to have little bearing on how long it takes to select clubs, visualise the shot etc. Single-digit players are just as likely - perhaps more likely - to take their time...
Don't play with people who insist on using the time between shots to tell you what's wrong with: 1. Young people today; 2. Welfare; 3: Immigrants 4: (Insert appropriate subject here) It's bad for your game.
Always unwise to make assumptions. And this probably isn't the forum for a political debate. Suffice it to say that it is impossible for "the critics" to "step up to the plate" because of the stranglehold the mainstream parties have on the process.As for getting what we deserve, the turnout in the Scottish referendum looks like being over 80%. People will engage if they are presented with a real choice between distinct alternatives, on an issue that matters. The UK...
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