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Considering you have the 2, I sure wouldn't take less than $150. Advanced players may pay closer to $200, depending on condition. Great Irons!
I believe you are correct, that they are sold exclusively at Sports Authority. On the TA website, Sports Authority (TSA) claims to own or have licensed all rights. No sure about the quality. Line seems very basic and limited. They were apart of the Tommy Armour, RAM & TearDrop fallout 7-8 years ago.   Played 845's SS for many years. Probably the best irons I ever owned.
Great point Dave40! A larger grip, normally leads to quieter hands, better control. May take a bit to get used to, but should notice an immediate benefit in your short game. I also find that with less wrist, it forces you to make a better turn at the top. Less whippy!
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