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Thanks for your help!! I appreciate it! I'm new to golfing so I'll play with them until I get new ones :)
Real mature "hard balls" we posted it on here bc we didn't know how much they were worth, not so a retarded left wing moron like yourself who has nothing better to do with his day then to troll around on a golf site and make fun of people. If you don't know anything then keep your dumbass comments to yourself bc it is painfully obvious that you don't know shit. So keep your rude so comments to yourself. Thank you. Hav a nice day
Does anyone know anything about the honeycomb golf clubs? My mom got them at a yard sale years ago and now that I'm getting into golf she gave me them but I'd like to know more about them. There are 3-9 irons and a sand wedge and 2,4,5 driver and a ddh by Dunlop putter and a power built weed eater hybrid. The drivers and the hybrid are wood. Does anyone know what they are worth or can give me some info about them? Thanks :)
New Posts  All Forums: