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Yes sir!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been working this drill for a week. Also get a kettle bell and simulate a slow golf swing. It builds some serious strength and you will find yourself crushing your drives.
I wish I had this advice when I started this insane game 18 months ago. This has virtually eliminated the right side of the course. Now i can focus on approach shots from the fairway and my short game. I hope this help others that are struggling.
Ii have the same problem and it is cAused by a out in swing path. You may think you are swinging in to out but if you unknowingly rotate your shoulders flip you hand our over swing at impact the club head will quickly move out to in. To correct this you almost have to feel that you are swinging diagonal fron in to out with quiet hands and thrust your hips out to avoid spinning your shoulders. Before i swing i have to groove this a few times and then i swing and the...
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