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I find the course very nice and challenging (for me). Plus its not very far from my house but there is more courses right in Niagara Falls to choose from. Like I said in past threads I'm still pretty knew to golf and haven't golfed a great deal of courses, maybe 15-20 different ones and this one really stood out as nice, fun and challenging. 
If I had to dump my bag today and take the 2 clubs I hit most comfortably it might be 5 iron and 8 iron. I know I'm lacking substantial distance this way and same with loft but I guess with only 2 to choose from I'd want what feels most comfortable not most versatile. 
         Thanks guys, I'm going to see them soon and see if its still available. I just never had a membership and wasn't sure if this was common practice. Plus the post on here where one guys club just suddenly shut down really threw me for a loop. Especially in my area where there is so many courses and tons are for sale I just didn't know what was what.
$500 or $5000 its not about the amount of money its about the amount of money taken off from the original. If I saw a Ferrari or Lambo for sale for $25,000 I'd say thats too good to be true, Something is wrong with that car. I just want to make sure I could get as much info as possible. I know $500 isn't a lot of money but I also don't want to dump $500 and get screwed...in not the good way!
As most have stated yes a push/pull cart is a great investment. I found that when I carried my bag on some rounds my back would stiffen up much quicker then it would with either riding or just using a push pull cart. make sure (if you have this problem as well) to take muscle/back relaxants. Lots of hydrating fluids and snacks. But like I said my number 1 thing I make sure I have is muscle/back relaxants. Given the heat you are dealing with I'd bring an extra water bottle...
   Thank you dkolo and turtleback. I didn't take that into consideration. I think I am going to really make it a point to try and get this offer paid by credit card since it is in fact for services pertaining to next year and the golf this year is just an added free bonus. 
Golf is like sex, its ok to do it by yourself but its sooooo much more fun with people 
What would be the difference or maybe benefit is a better word, of paying with a credit card over debit. They get their cash either way. I have never had a membership and don't know whats normal or not. Do most places take credit card for memberships? I think I might call them and inquire about full memberships and see if they allow players to pay with a c.c. maybe that way I can figure out where they stand a bit better.
  I can only speak for myself here but I found the "new to golf" people I have played with seem to ask a lot of questions on the course and thus learn that it is proper to rake traps repair divots/ball marks. On that note I have played with some real jerks that were not "new to golf" and didn't care about raking traps or divots some would however repair ball marks on the green. My point is its not weather you're new to golf or not. Its weather you care enough to do what...
Cash cheque or debit is what they told me. I guess I would pay via debit so that way there is a paper statement for proof of purchase if something did go wrong.
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