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  I saw those individual stats, Thank you. Is there anything that shows the average for the tour stats? I can't seem to find that. Not sure if they carry that on their sites or if it under a different heading. 
I'm not sure how to simplify this any more then it already has been. What tour has the best stats, i.e. FIR, GIR and so on and so on.  What exactly do you not understand? the point of the thread was to see what tour has the best stats! 
Not very concerned with actual scores but yes FIR, GIR, scrambling, stats like that. I don't think its impossible to find out. I'm sure theres somewhere that has these stats and I know all the tours play different courses, I'm not concerned about that. I'm just wondering which tour has the best stats. and eventually they will play a lot of the same courses or courses of the same caliber. Yes the LPGA is shorter then the PGA as far as yardage goes but this thread is...
I know all the biggest prize money is dumped into the PGA tour cause thats where the best golfers play (as far as toughest to beat). But what is the best tour statistically? PGA, PGA Europe, Web.com, Champions tour or LPGA? Not sure if a thread like this is out there, I didn't see one if it is. I ask because a lot of my friends that watch golf only like the PGA tour but I watch 3, the PGA LPGA and PGA Europe. I see so many awesome shots on all 3 tours but I notice a lot of...
lmao yeah it looks a bit tight in there. That could hurt with a ball firing back at high speeds and close range
Either way, he didn't address the crisis and you can't expect the guy to always be working. I just fail to see how him not getting a tee time is worthy of making news. I get the problem with Isis but theres always things the prez will have to worry about yet he will still play a round of golf or have leisure time. The fact is they're making an issue that he couldn't get a tee time so he went home early...seriously this is what they have to report on. There is so many other...
Thats awesome...unless he invites a lefty like myself over to play. but if thats just for his own use or just knows right handed golfers that is pretty cool. Curious to know how accurate it is
I've been denied tee times lots of times and always at private clubs that I don't belong to. Why hasn't my story made the news? ...Oh yeah cause no one cares! At the end of the day its not news or a story. Its just a guy that tried to play golf on a busy weekend and was denied due to full occupancy. 
If you look at golfers from way back...and I mean waaaaaaaay back in the day up until just before Tiger came along, how many were built like they are now? Sure theres still golfers on tour that may be closer to the bowling ball frame then the "athletic" frame but look at all that do look like pure athletes. Tiger, Rory, Keegan, A Scott, and Rickie just to name a few. Not to mention all the workouts that are geared towards golfers and ways to increase flexibility and...
Amen!!! lol
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