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Enough has been said on the subject. Start a Tiger is bad for golf thread if you need to bring him in here.
This thread has zero to do with Tiger and his behavior off the course. That's been rehashed over and over. This is about Phil and we all are entitled to an opinion. Anyone mentioning Tiger Woods as a defense is OB.
Exactly, he is a felon, hopefully Phil won't be.
It can and seemingly has become his vice. I just hate to see it advertised to our youth who look up to him.
Well, as far as I know Tiger isn't being investigated over insider trading which is a felony. Tiger may have done wrong but I didn't see the FBI talking to him in airports or after rounds.
It was acceptable in Hogans day but not now. Are you kidding? Phil is notoriously known to be the biggest gambler on tour and bets on all sports. He even hangs out and plays golf with a huge gambler in Walters who acts as his consultant and bookie, and now possibly trading confidante.
No one is in Mickelsons league. We all know this for on course betting on Tuesdays. His high risk taking may finally catch up with him and make him a felon. My hope is this is all a bunch of nothing, but hanging out with Billy Walters shows exactly how deep Phil is in with gambling and how nonchalant he goes about it. This is not the role model I want for my kids and this is the last straw for me with Phil.
I'm just done with all his gambling. It sets a real bad example that it's ok to gamble like this on the course. The high stakes he and his cronies play for is not reality for our youth. I just think a better example could be set. If he wants to do it privately then that's his business but we hear about his high stakes games about once a month, along with other gambling on different sports. I do not care for our kids to hear about John Daly or Phil Mickelsons high stakes...
All the gambling on the course is no example for our young kids. You cannot be this nonchalant and irresponsible when kids are looking up to you. He needs to seek some help for this gambling problem and the high he gets trying to make money. I really hope these allegations are not true, but let's be honest, we all know it's his nature to take risks like this. I think the guy is bad for the game and is possible felon to boot.
New Posts  All Forums: