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Can't go wrong with those...used to live at Long Bay and love that course.  It is very challenging but beautiful course.  Plan on going down for a quick three day trip later next month.  Most likely will be playing Long Bay with addition of two others but not sure which ones yet.  I'll let you know how it goes. 
it wouldn't be appropriate to report a score for either ball for handicapping purposes.
Best shot of my life today.   136 yard par 3...green sits deep down in a valley.  pin was located center right, behind a bunker that guards the front right side of the green.  Landed probably 5 feet to the left of the hole and then trickled right to within 18 inches.  If the greens had been a little dryer and a nice chunk of mud from the huge ball mark hadn't got stuck to the ball, who knows might have been. lol   was playing by myself as I often do but a grounds keeper...
True Blue is definitely on the list also...but waiting until my game improves a bit more before taking on that challenge.  Let me know what you think about grande dunes....might try to play it here in a few weeks.  Got a pretty good connection with a list of about 20 courses i can play for free.  Also have you ever played aberdeen? 
played barefoot Norman, Myrtle National, and Long Bay last month and had a blast.  3 1/2 rounds for 60 bucks plus tips. Caledonia is definitely on my bucket list for either this fall or next spring. 
this is one of the oldest tournaments on the tour and it is in severe decline even here locally where it is held.  was previously played in the spring (the week following the verizon heritage so two weeks after the Masters).  in 2003 it then moved to its current spot on the calendar resulting in drawing less names as well as spectators.  local grocery stores are selling two "any day" tickets for the price of one (like 40 bucks total or something) trying to get people to...
nice lineup there
Let him enjoy just knocking them around and focus the teaching aspect on the rules and etiquette of the game.  If he gets frustrated in you teaching him proper technique you risk driving him away.  Let him start to get frustrated on hitting bad shots during his actual rounds and then maybe offer to teach him technique to cure the new frustration.  Also, at that point it might be a good idea to suggest getting him lessons from someone else.  You might give him the same...
We are rivals then...NC State class of '99. 
this describes the place to a tee!!!  your post just reminded me that a couple of months ago of the "be back later" sign that he posted on the door. I agree also as another poster said I would have been more pleased to have just seen a closed for maintenance sign posted and I would have written it off as no biggie and went on my merry way.  Or even better yet set aside specific hours each week to mow, post those hours and customers can plan around it. Told him I wasn't...
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