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If you don’t release the club, you end up with what I was battling with last week, a straight push to the right. From your wedges to about the 9 or 8 iron, you can get away with not releasing the club, but from the 7 iron and longer, you clubface won’t close in time. The issue with me was how I go about consciously closing the club face or releasing the club. So, a great drill I was told was to try and touch your forearms once the club gets passed your waist on the...
695 MB without a doubt.
I couldn't agree with you any more.
Aside from my PW, I carry the following: 52/10 56/10 60/6 My PW acts like a 9 iron, so I need to carry the GW. I also needed a wedge that would be ideal for shots <70 yards. The 60/6 is perfect for that. Doesn't go any farther than 70 yards and I can get plenty of air by opening the face.
That was going to be my recommendation.
See my signature. I just picked up the SV Tour wedges last week.
I agree. He played pretty well in the President's Cup. I remember there was a Par 3 hole on the first or second day. He took a swing and the ball landed about 3-5 inches from the cup. Just a great shot considering the presence he was in.
Just picked up a Karsten series putter last week. Practiced with it for about an hour yesterday and I am very happy with it.
Actually that is very good advice. As I have started playing a few months ago as well, I have no use for my driver right now and the longest iron I can hit is a 6 iron.
Straight. Or at least, as straight as possible.
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